What Sony Didn't Announce at CES 2011 ... and What We Wish They Had


Posted January 6, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

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What Sony Didn't Announce at CES 2011 ... and What We Wish They Had

Sony left us gamers a bit out in the cold at the CES 2011 Keynote, hyping their new 3D products but skimping on any game details. They mentioned Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5, and showed us the "already seen round the world" trailer for Uncharted 3, but other than a passing mention at a "Play Memories" photo app that can handle 3D photos and a Music Unlimited feature coming to Qriocity on the PlayStation, there was no gaming information at all. Heck, they didn't even tease Little Big Planet 2 or DC Universe Online, both of which come out this month.

While the show hasn't even started yet, and this was really a platform for product launching, we're surprised that there wasn't any more hype for Sony's "It Does Everything" machine. With the Move just released recently, we thought we heard more about that, for sure, and where was the rumored/leaked PlayStation Phone or the PSP 2 that we keep hearing rumblings about? At any rate, a terrifically gamer-centric Sony Keynote unfolded in the fantasy realm of our heads using pure 3D and Sony's own "Make. Believe." slogan. Read on to find out what we wish Sony would have announced at CES 2011.

PlayStation Phone

PlayStation Phone

Sony didn't mention their much-leaked and speculated upon PlayStation Phone at CES, and when Kaz Hirai was asked about it, he deftly stepped around the question. So where is it? Perhaps Sony didn't want to upstage Ericsson and their own phone announcements (they displayed some new tech during the keynote) and they're holding it for something like E3. But, that doesn't mean we didn't want to see it. There's been enough churning in the waters to just mention this, even if it's in passing or as part of the future tech they kept hyping all night. Sony wants you to know they're developing for the future, so why not give us a little taste of it?


Like the PlayStation Phone, the PSP 2 is also a poorly kept secret, with everyone from EA execs on down confirming that the thing is coming. But when? A simple announcement of the next generation of their handheld game system would have been enough to fully satisfy eager gamers, and to invigorate those who never purchased a PSP Go. I used to grab my PSP whenever I took a trip somewhere, but that interested started waning awhile back. If Sony really wants me to be fully connected with my music, movies, and photos everywhere, then give me a 3D enabled (no glasses, thank you) PSP 2 that fully syncs up with my PS3 in the cloud, and also makes Julienne fries.

GDC 10: PlayStation Move and Sub-Controller Photo Gallery

PlayStation Move Titles

Sony was quick to point out during their keynote that they've actually sold (not just shipped) 5.5 million Move units since its release. But what we find ourselves wondering, along with Kinect owners, is: When are the hardcore titles coming? We know that Killzone 3 and some other titles are getting Move support, but we want to see some exclusive Move-only titles that fully embrace the motion controller and give us a totally unique experience that we can't get on any other system. We want our own Dance Central-level title on the Move. Something that sells units, that everyone wants to play, and makes you the coolest kid on the block. Right now, none of the games generate the buzz that Kinect has, and we want that to change.

More Uncharted 3 Details, Screenshots Released

More Uncharted 3

Sony only recently pulled the pin on the eagerly-awaited grenade that is Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, but they followed that up by giving the captive CES audience a "first look" ... at an old trailer. Granted, it was in 3D, but this game is carrying a gigantic torch for the PlayStation 3, and this would have been the perfect time to showcase a scene or sequence that looked particularly stunning in 3D. Yes, I realize that the game still have a long way to go until it's ready, but some of those bits from the trailer would have been fine if they were just expanded upon. Or give us a look at the multiplayer. Or tell us what other characters would be joining Drake this time around, besides Sully of course. Hell, they could have just trotted out Nolan North and that would have been enough for me. Just don't pee on my leg with a new "old" trailer and tell me that it's raining.

More Games, Period

I know that Sony's CES keynote is meant to cover a wide range of devices, and not just games. That's why we heard about TVs, cameras, Blu-ray players, the VAIO, and more. So I can understand that Kaz couldn't drop some bombs during the PlayStation(ish) portion of the event for massive damage. But giving us some release dates would have been a step in the right direction. We know Resistance 3 is coming. But when? What about the Ico Collection that you told us is coming out this year? Any of those announcements would have been a step in the right direction. It's not that we don't love you Sony, because we do. But when you have all of our rapt attention like that, we want some more Japanese gaming goodness to go around.

Oh, and some Kingdom Hearts 3 news would have been nice. AMIRITE?

What Sony Didn't Announce at CES 2011 ... and What We Wish They Had


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