Catherine Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Nightmares And Sheep


Posted January 5, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

Catherine is an upcoming action-adventure game that will most likely only be released in Japan. I've seen some pretty weird Japanese video games but this one especially creeped me out. Allow me to summarize what I think is going on in this trailer. A young man with a weird hat, possibly a big fan of the St. Louis Rams, gets trapped in a nightmare world full of sheep. The sheep want to kill him and in order to escape he has to travel through a Q-bert maze with spikes. Then he wakes up to see he's safe and with his girlfriend. Tragically he realizes that it's the sheep he's loved all along. 

Catherine Gameplay Japanese Trailer »

Keep reading to find out what is actually going on.
Vincent lives in a town where the young male residents begin to mysteriously die in their sleep. While in a bar contemplating whether or not to marry his longtime girlfriend Katherine he meets Catherine. He and Catherine hit it off and end up going home together. The game is expected to have “exciting erotic scenes”, after that the nightmares start.

Catherine --

Catherine's gameplay will shift between nightmares and daytime. While Vincent is awake he faces the dilemma of having to chose between two girls. Gamers must make choices to pass each stage. Catherine also has multiple endings with one play through taking up to 20 hours.
The game's producer Katsura Hashino has said that Vincent can change over course of the game based on your choices. "His character development can get pretty unusual." I wonder if that explains the horns? Fans of the Persona series will be pleased to know the team who worked on Persona 4 also worked on Catherine, often going back and forth between the two projects.
Catherine is being developed by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and currently is not planned for America.


Catherine Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Nightmares And Sheep


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