No Shared Universe For The Dark Knight Rises And Superman Reboot?


Posted January 5, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

No Shared Universe For The Dark Knight Rises And Superman Reboot?

Producer Charles Roven has credits attributed to him in a vast array of big movies, including some of the biggest comic book film adaptations. Two of those happen to be the upcoming third film in Christopher Nolan's Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises and Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of Superman. In a recent interview discussing his current project, Nicolas Cage vehicle Season of the Witch, he answers a few questions about the two highly-anticipated films. While both movies are slated for the second half of 2012, they've been the subject of speculation for few years, at this point. One major point of speculation, which was re-stoked last month with another rumor, surrounded whether or not DC and Warner would take the reboot of Superman as an opportunity to link together the movie universes of its two signature heroes. Well, Roven would not only address this issue, but also discusses the process that both directors Nolan and Snyder will undergo, with the shooting of these films likely to begin real soon.

When asked the important question of whether or not the upcoming Batman and Superman films would share a single universe, Roven, (to his credit as a straight-shooter,) answered emphatically "no." Adding:

"That may be in somebody's mind but right now the Batman lives in his world and the Superman lives in his world. Those stories are those stories and we haven't thought beyond each individual picture."

Roven now finds himself balancing a huge workload, bouncing back and forth between the Batman and Superman projects. The focus right now, is to make sure that each film will be good in its own right, not on any crossover potential.

"Right now Dark Knight Rises is coming out in the summer of 2012 and Superman is coming out in the winter of 2012. So hopefully -- and we're just at the beginning phases of both of them. We haven't even entered official pre-production on either one of them -- there will be a little bit of room. They're both going to be long shoots. I'm sure there's going to be some overlap, but hopefully there'll be as little overlap as possible."

He also assures that, although it will be his last Bat-film, The Dark Knight Rises will receive the full undistracted attention of Christopher Nolan's talents.

"I've said this about Chris before: I've never known Chris to do anything but focus on the movie he's making. He gets completely immersed in the movie he's doing and I know that all he's thinking about right now when it comes to Batman, the Dark Knight Rises, is making it the best movie he can. He's not thinking, "will there be another one?"

However, with Nolan's impending exit, you do get the sense that DC/Warner are also quietly watching how things progress over at Marvel with the string of comic book films building-up to 2012 mega-event, The Avengers. If indeed, that franchise becomes a box-office golden goose, then regardless of the state of things right now, I wouldn't expect to see Batman warm the bench with his kevlar butt-huggers for too long after Nolan's departure. With this summer's Green Lantern also an important test for the idea of a broader stable of heroes, talk of a string of Justice League films would undoubtedly start to swirl and I could easily see DC attempt to create a similar momentum buildup with a (...gulp) new Batman series, one that will be crossover-friendly.

What's your take on this? Do you think it's possible that DC will jump on the "mega-crossover" bandwagon if The Avengers becomes a hit?

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No Shared Universe For The Dark Knight Rises And Superman Reboot?


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