THQ And Mattel Team Up For Video Games


Posted January 5, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Rock em sock em

Toy-maker Mattel and-game maker THQ have announced they are teaming up to create Mattel branded games, so kids can look forward to Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fischer-Price properties on the video game screen from THQ.

Sure, games that tie in with popular toys are often cheesed-out money-grabs, but there's one property here that I'd really, really like to see a game of: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. A Rock 'Em fighting game has so many possibilities, I can't believe it hasn't been done already. Fully customizable battle robots in a fight to the death, which each match ending in a robots head being knocked off? Sign me up!

Masters of the Universe is mentioned as well, which could mean a He-Man game for you steroid fans out there.

Also on the agenda: Hot Wheels, Monster High, Pictionary and Polly Pocket.

“We are excited to work hand-in-hand with the world’s No. 1 toy company to bring a new level of entertainment to its already incredibly popular brands,” said Martin Good, THQ’s Executive Vice President of Kids, Family and Casual Games. “There is enormous potential for the strategic relationship between THQ and Mattel. Through video games, we can build on some of the most famous and classic toy properties in the world, as well as unlock the entertainment potential of the newest creations from Mattel.”

So, what do you guys think? Will good things come of this partnership?

(Art above from the amazing Eric Joyner)

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THQ And Mattel Team Up For Video Games


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