Rumor: Microsoft Set To Reveal "Avatar Kinect"


Posted January 4, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Avatar Kinect

Psssst...wanna hear a hot rumor? Word on the street is that Microsoft plans to unveil "Avatar Kinect" tomorrow at their pre-show CES speech. Other than the purloined screenshot above, supposedly snapped by a nefarious mole who claims to be privy to M'soft's PowerPoint rehearsals, we know nothing about what it is, but allow me to speculate.

If this is genuine, it seems likely that it's not a separate game or anything. It likely has nothing to do with James Cameron's famous movie. It's probably an addition to your dashboard that allows you to "be" your avatar and chat with your pals inside the fake-environment of your dashboard. You know how you can watch Netflix with your pals in a virtual movie theater through Xbox Live? Imagine that, but with full body control of your avatar. If I was a betting man, I'd stake at least 100 bucks on it!

For actual knowledge as opposed to rumor, keep your TV tuned to G4. On Thursday, Attack of the Show! will be broadcasting live from the show floor, and we'll be there to check in with Kevin Pereira and special guest Morgan Webb.

G4tv.com will also be bringing you our own coverage direct from the floor, so keep your browser pointed right here for all the gaming gadget gizmo news coverage you can handle, and pray that we get to show you some really bizarre Japanese third-party Kinect peripherals. The stranger, the better. Look for it starting this Wednesday! 

Source: GlimpseDog

Rumor: Microsoft Set To Reveal "Avatar Kinect"


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