The G4 Staff Presents Their New Year's Gaming Resolutions


Posted December 31, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

The G4 Staff Presents Their New Year's Gaming Resolutions

Dana Vinson - Pittsburgh Pirouetter

I'm just a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the fight of my life, so my gaming resolution is MORE DANCING! My love of Dance Central is widely known and accepted, and in 2011, I intend to forge ahead in my quest to be the greatest virtual dancer to ever not grace the stage. It brings me great pleasure when people are frustrated by my high scores and I plan on continuing my reign of terror on the leaderboards in order to help people feel even worse about themselves, but I'm not a total bitch: I did promise to help Steve Johnson improve his dancing skills, which I still intend to do. Don't worry, I'll take a video of the old man shaking his booty. 

Read on for the rest of our gaming resolutions, and tell us what yours are!

Stephen Johnson - Voice of Insanity

I usually make my New Year's resolutions retroactively, but this year, I'm gonna go ahead and project myself into the future and resolve to be extra Stephen Johnson. 

I'm going to punch the world in the face with Stephen Johnsonness. I'll come at 2011 with the fierce determination of a polar bear attacking a rubber hamburger. That's the kind of over-the-chain metaphor you can expect from Stephen Johnson, circa 2011.

Many critics say the current ratio of Stephen Johnson to the rest of Existence is fine, and some, in fact, say Life already contains too much Stephen Johnson, but to them I say: "Haters gon' hate! Go make me nachos! Get the hell out of my house!"

In summary: Get ready for heretofore unknown levels of Stephen Johnson-osity in 2011, sucka.

Jake Gaskill - Gaming Philosopher

In 2011, I vow to finally resign myself to the previously unimaginable fact that flying cars will not be a reality in my lifetime. I mean, cars that can park themselves are great, but it’s hardly the kind of vehicular evolution I had hoped for by now. And because of this, I'm letting it go. On the gaming front, I will continue to champion titles that have either been written off or passed over for whatever reason, because there is nothing better than being genuinely and pleasantly surprised by a game you have overlooked (i.e. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) or didn't really think twice about (i.e. Bejeweled 3). Happy New Year everyone!

Kevin Kelly - D20 Collector

This year, I vow to play more PC games. Mostly so I can understand what the hell Leah is talking about when she says "LFG? lol n@@b. want2buy sum pvp gloves?" Maybe I'll never know what that means. I also vow to FINISH more games, as I look at the growing stack of games that I need to get to 100% completion. Borderlands, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fable 3 ... and more. It wouldn't be a problem if game companies would just stop putting out good stuff. So can we just see some crappy games for like six months? Awesome, thanks.

Leah Jackson - Raider Extreme

Be less of a PC-ist, and by that I mean try to play more console games. I felt like this year I only played a few console games when a lot of really great stuff came out on all platforms. I will also try to get less ragey when I play games, as it often results in broken hardware (RIP Steelseries Headset #1).  

Mike D'Alonzo - Powerful Punster

My resolution for 2011 is simple. More achievements. I have lingered long enough with what is a pedestrian gamer score on Xbox Live. I must spend my time engineering situations in which I can be bestowed more achievement points. It is really the driving force to my existence in 2011.

Moye Ishimoto - Internet Darling

My resolution for 2011 is to beat all of Dana Vinson's high scores in Dance Central, even if that means breaking her legs when she walks by my desk.

My other resolution is to not eat any French fries. What does that have to do with gaming? I don't know. The game of life? I'll still eat a lot of ketchup though.

Nikole Zivalich - Pokewoman

This year I have ambitious goals for myself lined up. First and foremost I want to increase my gamerscore to 25,000 points. I'm sitting pretty at 16,000+ now. My room isn't big enough to play the Kinect. My second goal is to get rid of my couch so I can use the Kinect to play EA Sports Active 2 and be in shape by bikini season, which in LA is March. Thirdly, I want to beat Mass Effect 2 again, this time on the PS3. 

Chris Monfette - Hat Wearer

If there's one thing I've learned in my five months here at G4, it's that there are several genres of gaming that I've knowingly allowed to pass me by. Our own Leah Jackson has consistently schooled and re-schooled me on the realm of MMOs and strategy titles. Donell Tucker and Eugene Morton can literally hand me my own ass when it comes to fighting games, simply because I never pumped enough quarters into Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. Also, folks who know how to play Madden effectively astound me. So this New Year, my resolution is to challenge myself to embrace the genres of gaming I've not yet tackled or have somehow overlooked during my passionate, thirty-year affair with RPG's, FPS titles, platformers and shooters.

Donell Tucker - Yo-Yo Addict

As 2011 approaches, my first gaming resolution is to play MMOs other than World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, because WoW is slowly taking over my mind. My second gaming resolution is to train really hard in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so I can one day compete in EVO 2011, the biggest fighting tournament out there, and square off against Justin Wong. Finally, my last gaming resolution is to create a live web show that features me playing random games that will entertain gamers every night with laughter and excitement. On a side note, I won't be giving up my yo-yo for 2011, even though I've been driving my co-workers insane, I will learn more tricks and become a yo-yo master in the next year. Happy 2011 everybody!

So what are your gaming resolutions? And if you find yourself at a party tonight where people are starting to get tired of Rock Band 3 or Dance Central, download Boom Boom Rocket and pop some fireworks at midnight! 

The G4 Staff Presents Their New Year's Gaming Resolutions


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