Post-Holiday Sales Part 2 -- Toys "R" Us, Xbox Marketplace And More


Posted December 28, 2010 - By Nikole Zivalich

Toys R Us

Yesterday we posted about some of the amazing post-holiday deals taking place at Best Buy, Kmart and Walmart. Today we've found even more after-the-holiday deals for you. Toys "R" Us, Telltale, and Xbox Live are all having sales. Don't forget about the Steam sale either. It's time to count all the money you got from Gramma and use it for good. And by "good" I mean cheap games.

Toys "R" Us
Toys "R" Us is having a gigantic sale on all of their video games. Right now you can buy one game and get the second game half-off. You can also get a $50 gift card when you buy a 250GB Xbox 360 console. Planning on buying a DS? Get a $20 gift card when you buy a Nintendo DSi or a DSi XL handheld console. These deals end on Saturday, January 1st.
Several of Telltale's games for the iPad and iPhone are on sale for $0.99. The games on sale include Puzzle Agent HD, Wallace & Gromit Episode 1 and Sam & Max Season 3, Episode 1. Sadly, Tales of Monkey Island is not included in the sale. Many of Telltale's PC and Mac games are up to 50% off too. The sale ends on January 3rd.
Steam's sale is still going on too. Today you can save 75% on The Complete Doom pack, six Doom games for less than $9. Sim City 4 is also 75% off and will only cost $4.99. Those are just some of the many deals going on right now on Steam. Steam's sale ends on January 2nd.
Xbox Live
As a part of their Countdown to New Year's Eve celebration Microsoft is slashing prices on several items in the  Xbox Marketplace. Along with daily deals, like the Mass Effect 2 DLC sale, many games, like the ones listed below, will be on sale until December 31st.
  • 2011 Avatar Glasses
  • Super Meat Boy (33% off)
  • Comic Jumper (33% off)
  • Toy Soldiers (33% off)
  • Banjo-Tooie (50% off)
  • The UnderGarden (50% off)
  • Risk (50% off)
  • Borderlands: Claptrap New Revolution (50% off)
  • Carcassonne (50% off)
  • Afterburner Climax (50% off)
  • Castle Crashers (50% off)

The clock is ticking for all of these sales. Which games will you be picking up or downloading for a discounted price? 


Post-Holiday Sales Part 2 -- Toys "R" Us, Xbox Marketplace And More