Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi


Posted December 25, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi

Becky Jutzi is our SEO Analyst at G4, which is a very technical position that translates to "I'm Going To Make You More Awesome." When she's not busy explaining to me why "Sofia Vergara's Boobs" is not really a good headline for my story about Mass Effect 3 DLC, she's busy playing games.

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The storyline for the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise is fantastic. I love how it twists history and conspiracy theories that keeps me wanting more. I'm not really into multiplayer, but AC: Brotherhood really brought out the fighter in me. The unique characters (harlequin included) and fighting styles were much more appealing to me than a typical multiplayer shooter, plus it's much quieter.

Read on for the rest of Becky's Top Five!

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi

Civilization 5

I got hooked by downloading Civ 5's demo on Steam. The graphics were intense and the hex system was something I really enjoyed. So when the game was released, I downloaded it and haven’t looked back. I spent many a sleepless night thinking, "just one more turn." (For any RTS Civ player, we know that one more turn means 20+ turns, at least.) I loved how I had guns before Bismarck and I simply swept his empire into dust as he pushed his spearmen against my muskets. Last time he'll tell me I'm "weak."

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi

Red Dead Redemption

The movie in the beginning was fantastic. I wasn't sure if this was a Clint Eastwood film or a video game. I still think it's both. I'm not very good with shooter games, but Red Dead Redemption has a better margin for error. The feeling of "aloneness" while wandering around pulled me into the realism of that time period, and even though I haven't finished this game yet (I just started it recently), I've already fallen in love with it.

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

I hadn't played WoW in two years and once I restarted this year, it has been hard not craving the world of Azeroth while living in “the real world”. The cutscenes and remastered questing system are impressive! Plus, I really enjoy playing Plants vs. Zombies er, I mean Peaceblooms vs. Ghouls. If you haven't tried WoW, this is a good time to start. So many people are re-rolling characters so you won't be a level one newbie in a sea of level 80s.

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi

Angry Birds

Angry Birds for iPhone earns its reward for one of the top games this year. It’s portable and so easy to pick up and play. I am never bored waiting in line – I just click in and play a quick level with these cute, little, bitter birds. For $0.99, you can't find a more economical, yet satisfying gaming experience.

Check back as the entire staff reveals their Top Five Games of 2010. What were yours?

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Becky Jutzi


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