Does Harrison Ford Want Indiana Jones To Die? (Updated)


Posted December 20, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Does Harrison Ford Want Indiana Jones To Die?

After getting the better of countless enemies ranging from hordes of Nazis, Egyptian assassins, blood-drinking cultists who rip still-beating hearts from peoples' chests, and the relentless, E.T.-chasing forces of Mother Russia, it seems that the one and only Indiana Jones could soon encounter the intractable force he cannot defeat: Harrison Ford. According to a report from ShowBizSpy, not even the most lead-lined kitchen appliance ever made would save him, since it seems that the actor who gave Indy life now wants to take it away. With loose talk going around about him taking up another entry in the Indiana Jones film series, apparently the actor is saying that he'd prefer the upcoming film to be the last, with Indy finally meeting his end. (*See update below.) The report is far from confirmed, but seems to have legs, due to it being rooted in some reasonable truths: Mainly that Harrison Ford obviously cannot do many more Indy films, and that in the past, he actually did request the death of his other iconic character in Han Solo.

According to ShowBizSpy's report:

Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one,” reveals an insider. George [Lucas] especially is resisting the notion but Steven [Spielberg] is considering it.”

Of course, during the filming of Return of the Jedi, Ford actually tangled with George Lucas regarding the fate of the newly-carbonite-thawed smuggler. Ford unequivocally wanted Han to die, since he felt that his arc in the story had pretty much played out and that there was no more use for his character. Wanting that dramatic bookend to the Star Wars saga, Ford thought that a martyred Han would serve the film much better -- Lucas disagreed. -- Lucas was the boss. -- Lucas won.

This time, however, Steven Spielberg, not Lucas, is calling the shots and is apparently more receptive to the idea of Indy meeting his maker. (The one besides Lucas.) However, while Ford may possibly have visions of Indy going out like a champ, some may remember the TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which depicted Indy as an elderly man (played by George Hall) telling flashback stories of his youth (where he's played by Sean Patrick Flanery.) While it may be unrealistic to think that a major movie production is strictly beholden to the canon of a short-lived TV show from the early 90's, I think that as a fan, I like the notion of Indy living to a ripe old age, telling stories of all his outrageous exploits, and maybe even slapping around the occasional smart-ass whippersnappers who think they can have fun at his expense. So, personally, I hope that Spielberg can retire Indy with dignity and not with some dramatic device of a death used to propel Shia LaBeouf's potential run with the whip and fedora.

What about you? How would you like to see Indy bow out of the franchise?

Update: Reps for Harrison Ford are denying that he wants to kill off Indy.

Source: ShowBizSpy

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Does Harrison Ford Want Indiana Jones To Die? (Updated)


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