Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson


Posted December 20, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson

Dana Vinson is the Reviews Editor for G4, which means that all of you equally love her and loathe her. Besides being awesome, she's also very tall, wears leather boots, and specializes in razor-sharp puns.

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

I LOVE THIS GAME. It’s like if all of your dead pets suddenly came back to life and weren’t pissed off pet zombies, but were sweet, adorable, and more awesome than they were when they were actually alive. Pac Man DX is exactly like that, but a video game. You get to eat dozens of ghosts at one time, which is seriously awesome. If you don’t play this game you’re a sucker and I hope your grandmother buys you an ugly sweater that YOU HAVE TO WEAR as a Christmas present. Seriously, I love Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Read on for the rest of Dana's Top Five!

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson

Every two years, I become obsessed with the Olympics. I love watching any kind of competition — sports or otherwise — so the Olympics is like porn for me because it’s on almost 24 hours a day. That’s why I took great pleasure in playing Vancouver 2010. That game is hard as s*#t, but fun. Even though I was disappointed that there was no virtual curling, the luge and snowboard cross kept me entertained for the scant few hours in the early morning when I couldn’t watch the cross country skiing qualifiers and/or Mary Carillo get chased by a moose. 

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson

Dance Central 

I am a 6’ tall uncoordinated amazon woman who routinely falls down while standing still; however, there was a time during my childhood when my parents had no idea that I’d grow up to be more like a linebacker than a dancer. Somewhere in the greater Akron, Ohio area, my mom was crying tears for years over all of the money she burned on jazz, tap, and ballet lessons for me at Brad French Studios. That is, until I got Dance Central. It’s like all my dance education came flooding back to me and even though I look like the Jolly White Giant while I’m dancing alone in my living room, I am a dancing goddess. Thank you Dance Central

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson

Robot Unicorn Attack (iPhone)

Open your eyes. I see, your eyes are open. Wear no disguise for me. Come into the open. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS I wanna be with you. And MAAAAAAAAAAKE believe with you and live in HARMONY HARMONY oooooooooooooh love! Exploding unicorns and Erasure for the win. 

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson

Sword and Poker 2 (iPhone)

While RPG gameplay isn’t normally my thing, I fell in love with the game Sword and Poker 2 for the iPhone. Basically you’re a warrior who fights evil monsters using poker hands. You earn coins and can level up your character and weapons through cardplay. Even though it sounds a little ridiculous, it is a seriously fun way to play poker on your phone that breaks from the traditional Texas Hold ‘Em format. The added gameplay mechanics make it worth replaying over and over again. If you like poker, you’ll really appreciate this fresh take.  

Check back as the entire staff reveals their Top Five Games of 2010. What were yours?

Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: Dana Vinson


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