Nugget From The Net: Doctor Who Invades Star Wars


Posted December 15, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Nugget From The Net: Doctor Who Invades Star Wars

Fan filmmaker Rick Kelvington has amassed quite a portfolio of movie mashups, most of which feature Doctor Who poking his sonic screwdriver into the noses of Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Wolfman, and even The Dark Knight. However, his latest work making the rounds on the web would be the (let's face it...inevitable) anachronistic arrival of the Time Lord in the original Star Wars Trilogy. It's a cornucopia of enjoyably-head-scratching moments as we see the Galactic Empire chasing down the Doctor's TARDIS, some weird lightsaber duels, and all the witty quips for which The Doctor in his various forms have been known. It may also be the answer to the prayers of the demographic, (that I'm completely making-up) which, for one reason or another, have always wanted to see David Tennant put in carbonite. (You know who you are, you sick freaks!) Take a look at the video just below.

What we have, is a mashup that's dependent more on the idea of The Doctor (represented by his last three forms in Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith) making his presence known in some of the more critical moments of the Trilogy, even though, as the opening message implies, for no apparent purpose related to a plot. For what it is, (a quick little laugh at some surreal imagery,) it works quite well. However, what's undeniably impressive, are the technical achievements. Don't get me wrong, for the past 15 or so years, just about everyone and their cross-eyed cousins have been making fan films with lightsaber mechanics and whatnot. Yet, what we have here, given the resources of a fan film, are some genuinely authentic looking insertions of The Doctor into the Star Wars films. The selection of the scenes, even if a bit random, are also great fits for the Who-related cameos. Kudos to Rick Kelvington for making this work.

Source: via blastr

Nugget From The Net: Doctor Who Invades Star Wars


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