Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview -- Seven Hours with a Training Saber


Posted December 15, 2010 - By MonfetteG4

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Testing Underway

Seven hours, three bags of chips, two Diet Cokes and eight levels of Jedi advancement later, we bring back our early impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare's sprawling, long-awaited MMO. So is it looking like a mere Padawan, or a full-fledged Master of the Force?

"These first few missions – from destroying a set amount of Raiders to rescuing a few stranded students – are the stuff of your basic tutorial. Thankfully, there’s little to teach as the interface is surprisingly intuitive for both hardcore MMO fans and relative virgins alike. Your basic force powers, which will evolve rapidly as the game progresses, are mapped to the number keys. For the Jedi Guardian, many of these powers represent upgrades to your fundamental attack, executed by simply clicking on the enemy in question. Inventory management and map navigation are equally accessible as your various armor and equipment degrade over time, forcing players to be mindful of the loot they collect and equip along the way."

Take up your lightsaber and check out our full Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview...

Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview -- Seven Hours with a Training Saber