Alien Prequel Updates: Just One Film? Who's In It?


Posted December 9, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Studio Issues To Stall Upcoming Alien Prequel?

A lot of folks were understandably excited when news first hit that Ridley Scott would be returning to the Alien franchise to direct what would have been two 3D prequel films, which were meant to return the franchise to its gory, "hard R" style. However, it seems that those proposed perks just keep getting chipped-away as the months go by. The first shot was in the report a few months back that Warner was fighting Scott on the R rating in favor a PG-13 release. Then, in the last few days, a loaded report from New York Magazine's Vulture supposedly revealing its title and naming potential stars has been effectively shot down by 20th Century Fox's Senior Vice President Chris Petrikin. Not only that, but the Exec would also use the opportunity to dispel some things we took for fact. The big news: The Alien prequel(s) should be more accurately called the Alien prequel. That's right, dispelling the claim directly from Scott himself, it's only going to be ONE movie. Oh, but there is some good news, the rumors of the film being delayed have been debunked and things are moving along. So, what's going on with our next helping of chest-busting Xenomorphs?

The report at which Petrikin took aim via Twitter implied that the title of the film would be Paradise. That's right: Not "Alien: Paradise," not "Paradise of Aliens," not even "Revenge of the Aliens 2: Aliens in Paradise." (Where Booger saves the day.) So, without the franchise name in the supposed title, that report did raise some question marks. As Petrikin clearly explains: "It's not called Paradise...answers soon."

However, the casting claims have been equally out of control. While initial rumors, (which few took seriously,) that Leonardo DiCaprio was tapped to the star were squelched, names like Noomi Rapace, Michelle Yeoh, Michael Fassbender, as well as the obligatory Olivia Wilde name drop have come up. (Although, honestly, they could be remaking I'm Gonna Git You Sucka and there would still be some report saying "how about Olivia Wilde to play Kung-Fu Joe?")

Rapace, star of the original version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels was (and possibly still is) the supposed front-runner to take the lead of the film's heroine. Yeoh, the former Bond girl and Crouchng Tiger, Hidden Dragon star, was said to be in line for character named Vickers. Additionally, while he's supposedly asking for a boatload of money, Fassbender of 300, who will also be the new Magneto in X-Men: First Class, was in talks to play an android named David. (Insert Haley Joel Osment joke.) Oh, and then there was talk of Engineer 1, a CGI android character played by a 6 foot, 5 inch actor in a motion capture suit. A lot of that info is in serious question as sources close to The Playlist are telling them that "some" of those casting reports are "just plain wrong."

Wow... Where does that leave us, then? A 3D PG-13 Alien prequel for a thirty-plus year-old franchise, which may or may not be affected creatively by a strenuous relationship between the studio and its director. Hopefully, Ridley Scott and Fox can come together to harness the pure innovative terror that made the first Alien film so great and carve out a new identity in today's market. It's going to be a tough job considering how saturated this franchise has become since the odd turns in the last few Alien movies and the Alien vs. Predator series, but at the end of the day, this is Ridley Scott: Surely he can make something happen.

What's your take? Disappointed that this prequel project is looking to be only a one-shot deal? Who would you like to see cast? (Keeping in mind that Sam Worthington doesn't count since he's on EVERY casting list by default. Check the rules.)

Source: The Playlist

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Alien Prequel Updates: Just One Film? Who's In It?


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