Australia May Allow "Mature" Games


Posted December 6, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

New Australian Attorney-General Supports Mature Game RatingHey, Australia: Good on ya, mate! A proposal before the government of Australia looks like it will add an 18+ category to the Australian video game rating system.

Previously, Australia's rating system only went up to 15, meaning that many games we'd rate as "Mature" in the States were playable by 15-18 year-old Aussies, where some games had special Australia-only, censored versions released in the country. This new rating essentially closes a gap in the Australian rating system, but it doesn't allow for the release of previously banned games in the island nation/continent.

If the Government gets the agreement of the states and territories, it would still need to consult with the games industry, gaming advocates, and various children’s and religious groups to figure out how the rating system would actually work.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor gave a guaranteed that he would not allow games that had been banned in Australia to be approved for release under the new R18+ classification, if it is signed off on by the government.

Oblivious no one knows yet what the proposed rating system will mean for games that haven't been released, but my guess is an 18+ rating essentially mean no more releases of less violent/bloody Australia-only versions of games.

Source: News.com

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Australia May Allow "Mature" Games