Team Meat Responds To PETA's Super Meat Boy Parody, Super Tofu Boy


Posted December 2, 2010 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Super Tofu Boy

Team Meat, the creators of Super Meat Boy, have responded to PETA who made a game of their own, Super Tofu Boy. In a post on their blog Team Meat said they found the game "beyond flattering and amazingly helpful." To celebrate they are adding Tofu Boy to the PC version of the game as DLC.

Team Meat member Edmund posted on the Super Meat Boy blog that he himself had made accounts on PETA's forum to try get this type of reaction. He also clarified that Super Meat Boy isn't made of animal meat at all. He's actually a human boy with no skin. No need to tell PETA that though, right?
Team Meat announced on their twitter that in response to the flame wars, the support and the overall honor of being called out by PETA they are adding Tofu Boy as a playable character in the next Steam update. To get him simply download the update and type the word "petaphile" in the character select screen. "Hes awesome...seems a bit malnourished though." An Xbox 360 update has not been confirmed. 
Super Tofu Boy
Super Tofu Boy is a browser based game that borrows from its inspirations' platformer style. This time Tofu Boy must rescue his girlfriend Bandage Girl from Meat Boy who has kidnapped his ex-gf.  Super Tofu Boy is another installment in PETA's long tradition of parody games. In the past PETA has made New Super Chick Sisters and Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals.
The game is actually a pretty good time waster. Not that I'm wasting time at work. /looks over shoulder. I'm a vegetarian so I'm on Team Tofu. Try the game for yourself and tell us what you think.
Update: Team Meat just announced on their twitter that Tofu Boy is now available. "Patch is now live on Steam. Play as Tofu Boy by typing in 'petaphile' at the character select screen. ENJOY YOUR IRON DEFICIENCY!!!!"


Team Meat Responds To PETA's Super Meat Boy Parody, Super Tofu Boy


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