Be Feedback's Question Of The Week!


Posted November 29, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

Morning Hangover #71 -- Andrew Looks For Feedback, Patrick Has TV Envy

By now, all of the sleep-inducing turkey should have worked its way out of your system, unless you've been living on a steady diet of leftovers. In which case, you need to snap out of it. Pronto. If we don't get your full attention this morning, we'll doom you to watching the Yogi Bear movie for all eternity. Seriously, how does stuff like that get greenlit? It boggles the mind. 

You know what else can be mind-boggling? Video games. But that's where we come in to help. While we might not be able to explain movies based on cartoons that kids these days won't even know about, we're definitely schooled in the arena of pixelated entertainment. Let us know what you need to know, and we'll do our best to come up with a reasonable answer. Or at least one that sounds like it might be reasonable. It might not hold up in a court of law, but it'll allow you to win petty arguments with your friends.

Also, let us mourn the passing of the great Leslie Nielsen. The man was a legend in deadpan delivery, and while you might have seen The Naked Gun, chances are that you never saw the TV series it was based on. So check out Police Squad! as soon as you can. Now make with the questioning.

Be Feedback's Question Of The Week!


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