The Xbox 360 Turns Five Today -- G4's Best Memories


Posted November 22, 2010 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Five years ago today, November 22, 2005, Microsoft's little bundle of joy was born. The 360 has gone through many changes over the past few years, including different colors, hard-drive sizes, and looks. Remember when it went through puberty and had that HD external drive. Man, that was embarrassing. The Xbox 360 has sold nearly 47 million units in these past five years. Many members of the G4tv.com staff have contributed to the 47 million sold. How many of those units sold were replacing Xboxes that red-ringed? We'll never know. But we do know what our favorite Xbox 360 memories are. Keep reading to see all of our emotional, heart-felt memories. Warning: You might cry.

J.P. Shub -- X-Play's Supervising Producer
Call of Duty 2! When I first got my 360 that was the only game that truly blew me away. Everything from the graphics and sound to the seriously addictive multiplayer had me completely hooked. Over the last five years, gaming has grown leaps and bounds, but I will never forget the initial “wow” reaction to booting up COD2 at home for the first time. 
Stephen Johnson -- Lead Editor
My best Xbox 360 memory is playing Fallout 3. I had just had surgery for some intestinal troubles, and my doctor ordered me to take a ton of very powerful narcotic pain-killers and to not move for a week. I broke open Fallout 3 and spent a solid seven days melting into my couch either napping or playing Fallout. It was an enlightening and healing experience that engendered my deep love of both Western Medicine and Fallout 3. I’m playing Fallout: New Vegas now under much more mundane circumstances, and for some reason, I keep noticing the maddening glitches, where that stuff just didn’t bother me in Fallout 3.
Nikole Zivalich -- Games Editor
I remember the day I bought my first Xbox 360. I also remember the days I bought my next two Xbox 360s because they kept dying. I have a great memory. Some of the best memories I have with Fifel 3(my current Xbox) is playing Dragon Age: Origins for 10+ hours straight. I didn't even take a break to brush my teeth. It was awesome. Thank you Xbox 360! Here's to another five years of interfering with my personal hygiene.
Kevin Kelly -- Sr. Games Editor
It's only been five years of the Xbox 360?! It seems like a lot longer than that, particularly because it took me forever to find one. I wanted a Pro system at launch, but after days of waiting in line, we only found a Core. So what did I do? Turned around and sold it for a thousand bucks on eBay. Yes, that's right. My first memory of the Xbox 360 is making a huge profit on it. Luckily my girlfriend scored a Pro for me (in Canada, even!) the next week, so I was finally able to play Call of Duty 2. Then all she did was yell at me to turn down the volume on Nazi-killing. You can't win them all. Despite the problems with red-rings, and the super loud fan (which thankfully the Slim does not have), I still love ya. Just please ditch the MS Points and the 100 people on your friends list cap. That stuff blows.
Chris Monfette -- Sr. Games Editor
I remember that I’d just taken a job working PR for Microsoft when the Xbox 360 launched. I was part of the team responsible for working PR for the console’s first-party games, so my recollection of the console’s birthday was that it was a very, very, very long work day for me. But considering that my life now revolves around my Xbox, it was well worth it in the end.
Jake Gaskil -- Games Editor
Despite three Red-Rings of Death and a frustrating design choice on the pre-Slim consoles that forbids me from using HDMI for video and the digital audio output for my sound system (unless I fork over cash to get a special adapter), my Xbox 360 has brought me some of the greatest gaming memories of my life. Before you say anything, I also own a PS3 and a Wii, and there are plenty of games for both that I love as well. I just so happened to buy a 360 first, so it just became my default console. But back to this anniversary business. The only three launch titles I actually bought were Perfect Dark Zero, which was a big letdown, Project Gotham Racing 3, which I played the absolute hell out of and is still one of my favorite racing games of all time, and Kameo: Elements of Power, which I really enjoyed. I can still remember being blown away by the sight of Thermite, the volcano-backed ant warrior, mowing his way through hundreds of enemies by launching massive fire balls into the crowds and watching the mayhem ensue. Also, the grass animations were quite lovely (Yes. I’m that kind of nerdy.). I haven’t played Kameo since I beat it five years ago, but I think I’ll pop it in tonight and see what it’s like playing it on an HDTV with surround sound, neither of which I had when I played through it the first time. Expect a “Five Years Later” report shortly.
Those are some of G4's favorite memories. What are yours?
The Xbox 360 Turns Five Today -- G4's Best Memories


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