Kinect Joy Ride Can Play Itself...As Long As You Play Sitting Down


Posted November 22, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Kinect Joy Ride

Does Kinect Joy Ride really play itself? Well, a YouTube video has cropped up showing a blogger named GELTONZ demonstrating that, yes, in fact, the game will play itself with absolutely zero influence on the part of the player…as long as you’re sitting down while you play.

Turns out that if you play the game standing up, the way it was designed to be played, auto-driving doesn’t work, as GELTONZ pointed out in a second video, and lengthy article, on his blog.

We actually tested this out after seeing the videos, and confirmed GELTONZ’s findings. In fact, when I played the first track in the game while sitting down and not moving my hands, I came in first place, and when I played the same track standing up, I came in fifth. There were a few little auto-moves when I was standing, but nothing compared to when I was sitting. In fact, when I was sitting, the game would also auto-perform stunts, which was rather amusing.

I then jumped to the Rocky Road Speedway track, and playing while standing and sitting yielded the same result: last place. You could see noticeable auto-driving while sitting, but the layout of the track prevented me from ever making a move or holding a lead. In short, the Kinect does not like seeing you sitting down.

Now, gven that Microsoft has been open about Kinect’s standing requirement to play games for about as long as we’ve known about the device, the fact that Joy Ride defaults to auto-play isn’t terribly surprising; confusing and bizarre, yes, but not surprising. The game is meant to be a fully accessible, non-gamer targeted title, which also helps explain why the tracks are designed in such a way that even if you don’t steer while standing up to play, your car will still find its way to the finish line, albeit at the back of the pack. Again, unfortunate and odd, but not surprising.

Any thoughts on games playing themselves? Anyone experimented with any other Kinect games in this way?

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Kinect Joy Ride Can Play Itself...As Long As You Play Sitting Down


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