Kingdom Hearts 3D Will Be Connected With Kingdom Hearts 3


Posted November 19, 2010 - By Nikole Zivalich

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Kingdom Hearts 3D will connect with Kingdom Hearts 3, series director Tetsuya Nomura recently revealed in an interview with Famitsu. Kingdom Hearts 3D for the Nintendo 3DS is already one of the most anticipated games for the handheld, so there's a good chance this news might just make a few KH fans' heads explode with joy. Maybe.

Before I continue, no, we don't know when Kingdom Hearts 3 is being released, nor do we know when KH3D will be released. We do know, thanks to Andriasang, that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be connected with Kingdom Hearts 3 in terms of gameplay and story. The ending of KH3D could lead into the beginning of KH3. Leading me to speculate we could see Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2011, but I've always been an optimist. 
Kingdom Hearts 3D will also feature new Disney worlds. Levels like Wonderland will be replaced with Disney levels we've yet to see in the series. Areas like Traverse Town, and other original creations, will carry over though.
Screenshots for the game have shown both Riku and Sora, main characters in the first Kingdom Hearts. In these screenshots they look as though they haven't aged. Nomura said the reason they look the same is still a secret, but is important to the story. My guess is time travel comes into play here. Both characters will be playable.
Since Kingdom Hearts 3D will feature new Disney worlds, which worlds and Disney properties do you want to see? Even though Sleeping Beauty was in KH1 and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, I'd like to see more aspects from the movie in the game. Plus Maleficent is one of the best villains. 
Kingdom Hearts 3D currently does not have a release date, but will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. 
Source: Andriasang
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Kingdom Hearts 3D Will Be Connected With Kingdom Hearts 3


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