Enslaved DLC: How Perfect is Pigsy's Perfect 10?


Posted November 18, 2010 - By MonfetteG4


Enslaved is about to receive a sizeable piece of DLC called Pigsy's Perfect 10, a stealth-based adventure starring the game's rather corpulent side-kick. We recently had a chance to explore the wasteland and murder some mechs.

"The gameplay itself is largely stealth-based. Being a post-apocalyptic glutton, you’re not exactly the brawler-type, so you won’t last long in a straight-up melee battle. Thankfully, you’re equipped with a long-range rifle, capable of taking out mechs with a single, well placed headshot.  While you’re given a grapple arm, it won’t allow you to interact with enemies and can only be used in certain locations to pull yourself up to a higher vantage. Subsequently, too much of Perfect 10 is spent walking, grappling, walking, and then grappling again, only to end the segment with a careful game of hide-and-seek."

Grab your sniper rifle and check out our Enslaved DLC Preview...

Enslaved DLC: How Perfect is Pigsy's Perfect 10?


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