Sony VP Kevin Butler Wants You To Play Gran Turismo 5


Posted November 18, 2010 - By Nikole Zivalich

Sony's faux-VP Kevin Butler wants you to play Gran Turismo 5. In his latest commercial for the PlayStation 3, he lets the gamers of the world know that he is responsible for GT5's greatness. You know how it's going to have 1,000 cars in it; yeah, that was Kevin Butler's idea.

In this ad Kevin Butler gets a call from the "first guy in line" for Gran Turismo 5. He assures the gamer that he's made certain GT5 will include the best cars, courses and multiplayer. However, he won't be giving back the test cars. I think that's pretty fair. The commercial will be making its television debut during the Colts and Patriots game this Sunday. A quick google search let me know that those are football teams. Who knew?
Gran Turismo 5 will be arriving on shelves this Wednesday, November 24th exclusively for the PS3.
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Sony VP Kevin Butler Wants You To Play Gran Turismo 5