Poll: American Public Still Wants Goverment To Ban Games


Posted November 12, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Australia Approves Censored Version Of Left 4 Dead 2

According to a poll by The Rasmussen group, 65 percent of Americans believe the "states be allowed to prohibit the sale or rental of violent video games to minors.”  69 percent of respondents are either "somewhat concerned" or "very concerned" about the level of violence in video games. Strangely, 71 percent of those polled think the responsibility for policing games lies primarily with parents, with only 5 percent choosing the government.

I have carefully considered these numbers, and determined scientifically, that direct democracy is a very, very bad idea for the following reason: Sixty-five percent of Americans seemingly can't understand the idea of competing values. IE: You might think that kids playing violent video games is a bad idea, and you might never play violent video games, but there's another value competing against that: That the government shouldn't censor speech. This is why the Constitution's Bill of Rights is so necessary. If given the chance, I have no doubt that the majority of people would outlaw everything the minority enjoys. Think about this: Almost everyone polled thinks it's the parents' responsibility to police kids' game playing, but most of them still want the government to ban violent games! Amazing!

Supposedly, the last election showed that our nation has turned against governmental intrusion in people's lives, but still, most people are totally okay with the government deciding what entertainment our children are allowed to enjoy, as long as the censors are focusing on something they don't, personally, like. Everyone seriously needs to go back to basic Civics class here and really think about why they hold the views they do.

Also: Benjamin Franklin would have totally been okay with video games.

Source: Game Politics

Poll: American Public Still Wants Goverment To Ban Games


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