SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments - Looking Back At The Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament


Posted November 12, 2010 - By Leah Jackson

 SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments

The SoCal Regionals were last weekend, and with all the fun stuff that happened at the tournament it was hard for us to narrow it down to only the top three moments. Check after the break to see what got us out of our seats screaming and cheering, and in other cases dropping our jaws in speechless amazement. 

#3 - Borderland Gaming's Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez winning the SSF4 Tournament vs. Daigo Umehara
The achievements that went into BLG Filipino Champ's win at SCR are pretty amazing. An American player, considered the best Dhalsim in the United States, came into the tournament with extreme ambition. He took out both Evil Geniusus' Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz and didn't stop there. He later went on to play Daigo "The Beast" Umehara, the most famous player in Street Fighter history. Not only did Filipino Champ beat Daigo in the Winners Finals, he also took him  3-2 in the Grand Finals after losing the first set 1-3. Something that no American has ever done. 
SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments
#2 - The NorCal vs. SoCal tournament result
Along with USA vs. Japan, one of the oldest rivalries in Street Fighter history is Northern California vs.Southern California. NorCal regionals have been going on for a year or two, but there wasn't a SoCal regionals until recently. So Alex Valle, one of the most legendary US Street Fighter players of all time, decided to create it. Yay Alex. The NorCal vs. SoCal tournament was a 5v5 tournament and started out with Filipino Champ, playing for NorCal, doing work against the first two competitors Hugo101 and Jayce the Ace. But then came Justin Wong, playing Rufus, for SoCal. He pulled off an absolutely ridiculous OCV (one character victory) against the entire NorCal team featuring FiliChamp, Vangief, John Choi, Ricky Ortiz, and Ramin. Incredible. 
#1 - Tokido's Akuma victory pose
If you haven't seen the video of Tokido's Akuma pose yet, you're missing out. It happened in the opening match of the losers top 8 with Tokido, playing as Akuma, facing off against ClakeyD, playing as Ibuki. In a moment that will live on forever in the heart of Street Fighter fans, as Tokido finished off ClakeyD with Akuma's Raging Demon Ultra, he put down his stick, ran infront of the projecter, and posed. What happened next was nothing short of legendary. When the projection came up from black, Akuma's giant ten logo in Kanji appeared right on Tokido's back, and the crowd went absolutely insane. 
SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments
There were so many other amazing things that happened this weekend at SCR. Including some crazy money matches, the Team International vs. Team West Coast tournament, and of course all of the other fighting game tournaments. What were some of your favorite things to come out of SoCal Regionals last weekend? 
SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments - Looking Back At The Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament


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