Call of Duty: Black Ops Dev Calls Glitchers "Douche-Bags" Who Want To Be "Nerd Famous"


Posted November 11, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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David Voderhaar, the design director for Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer, has some angry, angry words for gamers who "twit-bomb" him with videos displaying glitches and/or exploits in Black Ops' multiplayer.

On  the Call of Duty: Black Ops message board, Voderhaar posted:

"We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags... I got Twitbombed today from dozens of people with the same two links... What many of these people want is to be Internet nerd famous. I'm not going to make them famous and you shouldn't either. Internet hysteria from normal people is exactly what they want and that's how many people reacted today. You gave them exactly what they want."

Voderhaar went on to say he'd like to permanently ban "anyone who thinks he is clever by abusing any glitches. Good thing I don't have the opportunity that often and we actually have a constructive, measured, and well-managed live ops team."

The miffed design director goes on to promise the company will issue patches and hotfixes for reproducible errors, "just like we said we would," and thanks gamers who sent in "polite, constructive messages without the hysterics."

Granted, It's probably a very stressful time to have anything to do with squashing multiplayer bugs in Black Ops, but still, all those people who are forwarding those videos are (presumably) people who bought the game, and care about the multiplayer mode enough to send you videos of glitches. In other words: Your company's most committed customers. Because I am not afraid of being banned from my own site, I will say this publicly: Chill out, man. Yes, many people on the internet are insufferably, unbearably jerky, but still, gamers who find glitches in your game are doing you a service, even if you don't appreciate the reasons they do it or the "hysteria" they create.

Or to put it another way: If there weren't any glitches in the game, there wouldn't be anything to exploit and no one would complain.

(Via Kotaku)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Dev Calls Glitchers "Douche-Bags" Who Want To Be "Nerd Famous"


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