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Posted November 11, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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The main draw of Call of Duty: Black Ops may be the multiplayer mode, but I don't care, because I like zombie mode best of all! Check out the video below for a guide to my favorite way of playing Black Ops with zombies:

How To Play Zombie Mode In Call of Duty: Black Ops »

Zombie Mode is Black Ops' cooperative game-type, where you and up to three of your pals gather together to fight legions of undead ghouls. There are three maps. The first is similar to World at War's zombie mode. It's set in the 1940s, and will be familiar to you if you played that game. If you finish the Black Ops campaign mode, though, a new zombie map opens up, "Five," and it is spectacular. The third map is not really a zombie mode; it's the top-down Dead Ops, an old school-style arcade game.

"Five" begins with a historic meeting in the Pentagon between President John F. Kennedy, Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, Vietnam War architect Robert MacNamara, and President Richard Nixon. The meeting is interrupted when Zombies burst in. This totally happened in the early 60s, and Activision gets props for maintaining complete historical accuracy here. Seriously, write your next history paper on these events. Back to the game: Take a moment to listen to the hysterical comments from the group. Kennedy,  in particular, with his Boston accent, is a total crack-up.

The idea is to survive the horde as long as possible by wiping out wave after wave of zombies with shotguns, grenades, machine guns, and any other weapons that are scattered around the Pentagon. Zombies burst  through doors and windows all over the place, so you gotta send 'em back to hell, then board up the windows. You get paid for both. Ca-ching! Money! Here's a tip: Smash the windows yourself early on, when they're no zombies around, and replace 'em with boards. It's easier to see the zombies coming for you, plus: you get money. Build up cash in the beginning. You're going to need it. (I'm not sure why you get money for killing zombies, or why you need money to open doors, but I don't really worry about it too much.)

Occasionally, you'll be rewarded with power ups that do things like refilling your ammo to capacity, giving you double points, and laying out a nuke that incinerates any zombies on the screen. Here's a tip: Save the nukes for a bit if they spawn when not many zombies are on screen. There's nothing worse than lighting off a rare nuke just to take out a couple dudes. You can save up double points, insta-kill and ammo reload power-ups too.

As the game goes on, more and more zombies will appear to trouble you, and they'll get faster. In later rounds, you'll need some of the advanced weapons in other parts of the map, so it's a good idea to move out of the beginning area when you get a little money.

Here's a tip: The key is to Keep Moving. Do not be distracted by the mystery box. The Mystery box will spin the wheel and give you a random weapon. Sure, it might be a flamethrower, but it's just as likely to be a pistol. I stay away from the mystery box because I am against gambling. Here's a tip: Keep together. Do not stray. Do not walk away for a moment to pick daisies. You might think Richard Nixon is badass enough to handle a horde of zombies on his own, but he is not. He will die.

When you die, you'll be reduced to crawling on the ground, shooting a pistol, and your pals will have to run over to revive you and pull you from the clutches of the crowd of undead. If everyone bites it, you're totally dead, and the game is over. Don't be a burden to your friends. Keep alive! 

Be aware of zombies dropping from the sky. I guess they're coming through the ceiling or dropping from the roof or falling out of Air Force One.  Be aware of them! They bite.

Later, horrible hell-hounds will materialize from some other dimension where everything is horrible. They must be destroyed. Shoot them many times!  Here's a tip: Keep shooting! Shoot, shoot! Bang, bang! Headshots! Try not to miss!

Eventually, you will die. The game offers no way to win; you can only hope to survive a long time. Eventually, the increasing number of undead will win out and you will be sent to a heroic martyr's grave.

That, in a nutshell, is Black Ops' Zombie mode.

Black Ops Zombie Mode Guide


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