Bee Gees Coming To Rock Band 3


Posted November 11, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Bee Gees

The Bee Gees are coming to Rock Band 3. The iconic 1970s tight-pants disco trio is bringing six of their most famous tunes to Rock Band 3 as downloadable content, including, of course, pro versions of keyboard, bass, guitar and drums. Here are the tracks:

  • “Jive Talkin’”
  • “Night Fever”
  • “Stayin’ Alive”
  • “Nights on Broadway”
  • “Tragedy”
  • “You Should Be Dancing”

They will be available on November 16.

Even if you're not old enough to remember doing rails at Studio 54, I defy you to not enjoy these tracks. Not only are they among the catchiest pop songs ever recorded, they're really fun to play in Rock Band 3.

To test out the songs, I created my own Disco inferno by recruiting a full band of G4 hoodlums to play all these tracks, and even those who don't have a sad fascination with pre-drum-machine disco like I do could not deny the funk and flava of these massive hits.

The selection of tracks will provide a workout for every member of your band. The disco drums are particularly tough on "Nights on Broadway," but when you actually get the groove, it feels more like dancing than playing an instrument. The bass lines, too, are more tricky, and much more interesting than the majority of Rock Band's rock tracks. Fake-bass players will be very happy with this collection.

Of course, the most defining feature of the Bee Gees tunes of the late-1970s are the vocals. The Gees (as I call them), were notable for their high soprano vocals that sometimes veer into registers so lofty only dogs can hear them, so squeaky voiced stylists will really shine here. Of course, it will probably be more fun to force your friend who doesn't sing high to soldier through these tunes. We made Attack of the Show's web goddess Moye Ishimoto sing "Jive Talkin'", and it was hilarious (No offense, Moye.)  Even G4's resident pro vocalist Mike D'Alonzo admitted defeat at the prospect of doing a passable version of "Tragedy" -- Wuss.

No. We couldn't do the harmonies. They're ridiculous.

My favorite track is "Staying Alive," with its impossible to deny hook and squirrel screech vox. Breaking out your Saturday Night Fever, polyester suit dance moves is a necessity and will make you the hit of the party. Just commit to it. Girls will like it, I promise.

The verdict: This is an awesome, party pack guaranteed to make people laugh and/or dance, as well as provoke a little musical revisionism about the worth of The Bee Gee's music.

Bee Gees Coming To Rock Band 3


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