Call of Duty: Black Ops -- Secrets of the Main Menu


Posted November 9, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

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Call of Duty: Black Ops has secrets buried right in front of you in the main menu. Want to know how to unlock these awesome easter eggs? Check out the video below where we'll tell you how it works. Of course, you need to be warned that there are some spoilers in here. Unlocking fun definitely comes with a price.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade and Zork In Call of Duty: Black Ops »


As you can see, there's an entire tiny little "level" that encompasses the main menu screen, which is a nifty innovation. Most people will simply select something from the menu at this screen and load that up, but what you'll want to do is look around with the right stick. Seems like you're locked up in a quasi-medical / brainwashing experiment. Listen long enough, and a Jigsaw-like voice comes over the speakers asking you questions.

But enough, you can be your own man. Look straight down at your lap, and you'll see that your hands are bound. Pull the right trigger and watch your right hand flex. Do the same for your left. Now pull them in rapid succession, alternating from hand to hand. After a moment, you'll rip free and you can explore the room at your leisure. There isn't much of note except ... wait, what's this? A computer console behind the scenes? Hit the button onscreen to load up a terminal prompt.

You can explore the directory (type 'dir' to list the files you can access, and then type 'cat FILENAME' to read a text file (.txt), view a photo (.pic) or listen to a sound file (.snd). You can also activate your mail program, circa 1963, by typing 'mail'. Check out the messages and you'll get hints about what else will be possible in the terminal. You can quit out of mail anytime by typing quit. 

Want to play some games? Type in 'zork' to play the full version of Infocom's classic text-adventure Zork (now owned by Activision), or type 'doa' to load up Dead Ops Arcade, an extremely fun, top-down, zombie-killing arcade game in the style of Smash TV.  It's addictive and fun, contains powerups, and some hilarity.

Back at the main directory, type in 'who' to see a list of other users authorized to use the system, including John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Richard Nixon. The trouble is, you don't know their passwords. Go back into the mail program and read the very first message. See the hints? Let's see how long it takes people to hack into the email of history. Have fun!

Call of Duty: Black Ops -- Secrets of the Main Menu


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