Starcraft 2 Tournament Interview - MLG National Champion, Liquid`Jinro and TeamLiquid Share the Secrets to Their Success


Posted November 8, 2010 - By Leah Jackson

TeamLiquid Interview With StarCraft 2 MLG National Champion Liquid`Jinro, Liquid`TLO, and Liquid`HuK

I've been covering the Starcraft 2 tournament at MLG Dallas this past weekend, as seen in my Saturday report and Sunday wrap-up, and recently I got the opportunity to interview many of the StarCraft 2 fan favorites from TeamLiquid. With TeamLiquid landing 4 players in the top 8, I was lucky enough to sit down for a few minutes with StarCraft 2 National Champion Liquid`Jinro, as well as his teammates HuK, and TLO.

TeamLiquid Interview With StarCraft 2 MLG National Champion Liquid`Jinro, Liquid`TLO, and Liquid`HuK

Jonathan "Liquid`Jinro" Walsh

Congratulations on your win at MLG Dallas! It feels like it's been long overdue to see one of the more "unknown" members of Team Liquid do so well.

It's exciting of course. I've been in Korea for a while now, so I feel like it's about time. The Koreans, they all wanted me to win for them. 

How much has your practice in Korea helped you prepare for this tournament over playing on NA or EU servers? 

Oh, it helped a lot! There are so many good players for high level practice and games. But general practice helped a ton for improving my game. 

Do you plan to participate in the highly revered Global Starcraft League season 3 tournament? Do you plan to participate in DreamHack?

I'll be in Korea for another year so I plan on participating in GSL 3. Unfortunately DreamHack coincides with GSL so I can't make it. 

What's it like living in Korea as a foreigner? 

It's nice. Very friendly country. They have a lot of high tech and furutistic things that are cool. Also, if you're drunk you can have someone drive your car home for you which is something we don't have here (laughs).

Do you ever practice with oGsNada?

Yes. He really helped me prepare. One of the rounds at the GSL he actually thanked me at the end, I was so happy! He's the nicest guy, very humble. 

Is there any particular match you like to play best? Terran v. Terran, Terran v. Zerg, Terran v. Protoss? 

I'd say TvT. It was Protoss, but at this tournament they were tough. 

Is the Korean scene that much far ahead of the NA or EU scene in SC2?

It is and it isn't. There are more players in Korea that are really good. But, there are not  that many people that are way ahead in terms of skill. 

Who was your toughest opponent at MLG Dallas?

I'd have to say TT1 since he's in the finals with me. But other than that, I think because of his playstyle, IdrA would have been the toughest match for me. PainUser was also really good.

Any other comments?

I'd like to thank my sponsors. The App Factory for bringing me here, bringing me there to Korea, and letting me live the gamer's life! Team Liquid, and thanks to my fans too. 

TeamLiquid Interview With StarCraft 2 MLG National Champion Liquid`Jinro, Liquid`TLO, and Liquid`HuK

Dario "Liquid`TLO" Wünsch

What do you think about your first MLG experience?

I'm excited to be here, there are lots of fans. I'm very pleased with how well I did. 

I heard you're moving back to Germany from Korea, any particular reason?

For the beer! (laughs)

There were a lot of upsets in this tournament, who surprised you the most?

Jinro surprised me the most. 

Did you ever have any particular practice partners from the oGs team that you practiced with before this tournament?

No, I don't have just one particular practice partner. We actually have to practice against each person in the house every day.

Since joining TeamLiquid your popularity has skyrocketed. Were you surprised you had so many fans at this American tournament?

I am! Especially here I get asked for a lot of pictures and autographs. But it was worse at Blizzcon. I couldn't move five feet without someone approaching me. I had to wear my hoodie up some of the time just to move (laughs). 

What do you think the hardest match of this tournament was for you?

Well I guess I'd have to say my PainUser matches because they knocked me out of the tournament. 

Any last comments?

I'd like to thank my sponsors, fans, and let my family and friends know I will be home soon!


Chris "Liquid`HuK" Loranger

You seem to be a huge fan favorite at MLGs, are you going to miss them when you move to Korea?

Yeah. But I'm hoping to make up for it with Korean fans. And then I have my three or four teammates there so it's all good. 

I heard you'll be taking TLO's place in Korea, do you guys ever practice against each other?

Yeah we practiced. We're practice partners so he helped me prepare for this. 

Are you signed up for GSL 3? It's an exciting time in SC2, do you expect to do well or is it more of a learning experience?

Yeah. I plan to attend GSL 3 and am expecting to do well. I want to be in the top. I hope to get S class for the 2011 GSL but it's really tough. 

Do you think Jinro benefited a lot from practicing in Korea? How long do you think it will take the rest of the world to catch up?

Yeah, obviously he benfitted a ton. He was already a great player before he went there. A lot of talent. Hopefully the rest of the world can catch up. As time goes on I think it will be more common for foreigners to go to Korea and play. 

Did you ever try to mothership rush in this tournament? You were quite notorious for it since MLG D.C. 

No not this time, but everyone has been asking me about that. I think four people have already asked me about that (laughs). 

Any other comments?

I want to thank TeamLiquid.net, and the Little App Factory.

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Starcraft 2 Tournament Interview - MLG National Champion, Liquid`Jinro and TeamLiquid Share the Secrets to Their Success


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