Steven Spielberg's Canceled EA Game Details And Video Emerge, Upset


Posted November 5, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Steven SpielbergIf you’re in the mood to read about perhaps the most upsetting tale of a failed game since Irrational Games released all that info about its abandoned Monster Island, look no further than 1UP’s fantastic examination of Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts’ overly ambitious, conceptually fascinating, and officially dead LMNO. Seriously. Prepare to be very, very sad.

The prospect of a Mirror’s Edge-like, AI-assisted, sci-fi, on-the-run game involving a time-traveling human “alien” from the future set in a Spielberg universe is amazing enough that wondering about what such a game would look like would be enough to keep me in full pout mode for a long time. But the fact that EA actually gave 1UP the a "visual target" video for the game is just downright cruel.

Hit the jump to see what I mean.

Look at this:

Intense, right? Actually, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this clip was the teaser trailer for BioShock Infinite. Something about the beautiful and mysterious female companion, the crisply detailed environment, and that rose just seemed oddly similar. But maybe that’s just me.

The tragic trajectory that LMNO took is one that’s made all the more upsetting when you consider that there have most likely been countless projects that have been equally ambitious and original that ended up being pushed to the side to make way for more financially safe projects the way this one was.

Anyway, definitely check out the full LMNO article to find out everything you never knew you wanted to know about this sadly deceased project.

Source: 1UP

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Steven Spielberg's Canceled EA Game Details And Video Emerge, Upset


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