Weekly Reacharound Review: Week Of October 25


Posted October 31, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

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The Verdict: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Pack

Last week wasn’t all about celebrating the release of some of the year’s most anticipated titles. It was about enjoying another solid week of you all bringing the goods in the comments department. So lets recap, shall we?

FrenchBread147 started things off on Monday by bringing some levelheadedness to our Fallout: New Vegas comparison video discussion.

I find it interesting that everyone assumes one console has to look better. I just look at how each hardware handles the graphics differently.

The impending release of Microsoft’s Kinect has us all thinking about the potential of controller-free gaming, or, as Pound_of_Flesh pointed out on Tuesday, controller plus controller-free gaming.

I still think that games like FPSs and RPGs will eventually be able to find uses for Kinect. Easy one for shooters is leaning out of cover. RPGs could use gestures for spells and such. There is no reason that Kinect can't be used in tandem with a controller. I'm looking forward to the day COD brings back the lean. Rainbow Six could benefit from it. Even Gears of War could bring a new curbstomp to the table (maybe).

Wednesday brought news that Sony plans to introduce a new Rewards program for devoted PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable users, but ceggert isn’t sold on the program just yet.

The only way this would get my attention is if Sony gave you points that were worth money in the Playstation Store so I can download games for free or at a reduced price.

Avatars? whatever. Playstation Home Content? Why waste your time there when you can be playing games instead?

Rockstar Games released the spectacular Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption last week, prompting reader lynch dude8 to wish other developers would put as much care and thought into their DLC as Rockstar did with its zombie-filled add-on.

Rockstar understands something alot of other developers do not, if you wanna make money then you gotta make a good game and support the community and give them what they want this dlc probably didn't take to long to make but they were more patient about it then those other companys and put alot of content in it, more then any modern warfare 2 dlc for $5 less. Thank you Rockstar.

And finishing up the week, Canid117 gave us G4 staffers a good chuckle by humorously razzing our media mule Donell Tucker on his Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II First 15 gameplay skills.

An Xbox 360 Elite: $300
A copy of the Force Unleashed II: $60
A 20 oz bottle of mountain dew: $1.25
Dying five times in the first fifteen minutes of a game and posting it online for us to laugh at: Priceless

Given how many high profile titles came out last week, we know you all could have just phoned in your comments, but you didn’t, and that…well, that just makes us all feel so proud…(sniffle)…Bring mama her kerchief, won’t ya?

Weekly Reacharound Review: Week Of October 25


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