What We Learned This Week: Week Of October 24, 2010

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Posted October 31, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

It's Sunday, a day for rest and reflection, and by "rest" and "reflection," I mean "spending all day playing Fallout: New Vegas and Minecraft." We learned a lot here at G4 this Halloween week, about ourselves and about the world around us. Here are some of our major lessons of the week:

We also made our usual slate of awesome web shows for you. Check them out:

And now, the news...


  • A novelization of THQ's shooter Homefront is coming out to go with the game.
  • Sony's PSP Go is now $50 cheaper.
  • The new trailer for the upcoming Noble Map Pack for Halo: Reach shows off the DLC's three new maps.
  • A video game based on Silly Bandz has been announced.
  • Rumor has it that a PSP 2 is coming next fall.
  • Win a copy of Red Dead Redemption in our sweepstakes.
  • We take a look at the latest (and greatest) trailer in the God of War mythos.
  • Fantastic Arcade's fantastic redneck simulator called Norrland comes direct to you from a guy in Sweden named cactus. Of course.
  • Check out the new Worgen cutscene from World of Warcraft: Catacylsm, direct from BlizzCon.
  • Some concept art and an Amazon France listing for 'Uncharted 3: World of Deceit' have cropped up online, but are most likely bogus.
  • John Lennon's Imagine album coming to Rock Band 3.
  • Check out the joyously terrifying launch trailer for the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption.
  • Get more gaming for your money in this week in game deals.
  • At BlizzCon 2010, we learned all the secrets from the actual World of Warcraft: Cataclysm cinematics team.
  • The creator of Minecraft has crafted a company.
  • Check our new releases list to find out what games are hitting your platforms of choice this week.
  • Fantastic Arcade presented the IGF award-winning Every Day The Same Dream From Paolo Pxxx, take a look.
  • Check out the latest Disney Epic Mickey trailer to witness Mickey doing his epic thing.
  • Check out Exmortis, one of our scary game highlights leading up to Halloween. Turn down the lights and give it a whirl.
  • Is there a difference between the 360 and PS3 versions of Fallout: New Vegas? Watch our comparison video to see for yourself.
  • Our very own Leah Jackson is a Blizzard addict, and she got to go to BlizzCon for the very first time. See what she thought!
  • We loaded up the G4 1983 GMC Vandura for a field trip to Anaheim, and brought back this Feedback Field Trip!
  • X-Play's Adam Sessler takes a look at Fable III in this review.
  • One of the most impressive games to come out of Fantastic Arcade was a look at the in-progress Sword & Sworcery EP. Check it out.





What We Learned This Week: Week Of October 24, 2010