Discussion: Caprica's Cancellation: Your Thoughts?


Posted October 28, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Discussion: Caprica's Cancellation: Your Thoughts?

There's some bad news for couch potato Cylon hunters. It seems that Caprica, the struggling SyFy prequel series to Battlestar Galactica has been given the axe by the network. And as if that wasn't bad enough, you may want to revise your DVR, as the current season's remaining five episodes that have yet to air have been effectively yanked from the schedule, pending a rescheduling for the first quarter of 2011. (If that.) However, it's not all bad news for folks with plans to go trick-or-treating as Edward James Olmos. Like a phoenix, the franchise will once again rise with yet another new series from the BSG universe. This time, in the form of the recently-greenlit Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. (Spartacus is probably putting his sword down to sue.) The series, which will be a sequel to to Caprica (therefore making it another prequel to BSG,) will chronicle the early years of young Ensign William Adama in the escalating war against the Cylons. Nevertheless, we'd like to know: Are you in mourning for the late series which chronicled the drama between the Graystone and Adama families?

The cancellation came as little surprise as ratings progressively shrunk from the season starting line. However, speaking personally, I found myself jumping ship after about fourth or fifth episode of the series. You know how it is: You forget to DVR one week, then when you do the next week, you tell yourself "but I won't know what's happening because I missed the last one." You never get around to catching-up, and slowly, but surely, you find yourself off the show completely. Yet, subconsciously, I think I had already given-up.

There was the common criticism that the show unfolded in very slow, soap-opera-like manner, which I guess was a fair assessment. However, I think its fatal flaw, was emphasizing way too much on the pseudo-religious aspects of the Cylon creation and the its metaphysical implications. (Although, looking at the above pic, Alessandra Torresani can be the Eve to my Adam ANY day.) Such concepts are best-suited for subtext -- NOT on-screen plot and dialogue. It's a lot to ask of your audience to work through all of this, especially when they already know what's ultimately going to happen in the end. Would you have been as interested in Lost if you knew before the first episode that they were brought to the Island by an entity to protect a giant cork while dodging his sulfuric brother with a big chip on his shoulder? Probably not.

What say you? Did Caprica somehow drop the ball? Or was it just too smart for us peons who watch television, play video games, and read the Internet to understand?

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Discussion: Caprica's Cancellation: Your Thoughts?


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