Splatterhouse Preview -- Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel of Blood


Posted October 27, 2010 - By MonfetteG4

Splatterhouse Preview -- Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel of Blood

If you haven't been brutally murdering demons in anticipation of the release of Splatterhouse, you're clearly not in the spirit of the game. That said, in order to keep you from seeking fresh blood on a regular basis until this reboot drops next month, we've decided to offer up this preview of all the blood-letting in store for you...

"The first thing worth mentioning about this reboot of Splatterhouse is that, for better or worse, it feels like it was developed by an army of thirteen year old boys who’d just concluded their very first sleep-over experience with Evil Dead and weed. And that’s less a criticism than it is a point of style. Splatterhouse is aggressively juvenile, reveling in its horror movie references, gratuitous nudity, over-use of four-letter words and buckets upon buckets upon buckets of blood. You can just feel the self-satisfied snickering every time you find a collectible portion of the torn photograph of your naked, showering girlfriend."

Check out our full Splatterhouse Preview. Or tear off a limb and bludgeon somebody with it. Either way works for us.

Splatterhouse Preview -- Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel of Blood


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