Christopher Nolan Unveils Batman 3 Title; Updates On Villains, 3D


Posted October 27, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Christopher Nolan Unveils Batman 3 Title, Details On Villains, 3D

Director Christopher Nolan has dropped some major news about the upcoming third film in his Batman series. It seems that the time has finally arrived to put the name "Batman 3" to rest. **Pours one for a homie.** Making it officially official in the most official way officially possible, Nolan has revealed that the film will be titled The Dark Knight Rises. However, seemingly on an rampage of knowledge-dropping, Nolan hardly stopped there. He decided to take the time to also shoot-down some prevailing theories about the film. What's going on? Will batarangs whoosh past your face in 3D? Will The Riddler and Mr. Freeze trap Batman on a platform surrounded by hungry man-eating mutant sea bass and then conveniently leave, not making sure the plan comes to fruition? Tune in same bat-time, same bat-channel. -- Or just click the read more.

Firstly, it seems that two dimensions will be the limit for our next sojourn to Gotham, as The Dark Knight Rises will NOT be presented in 3D. Nolan does not seem to be a fan of it, and one gets the feeling that it may be a case of him seeing it as a gimmick compromising the artistic integrity. We've already experienced a slew of attempts to capitalize on the current craze, and by the time TDKR rolls around in 2012, it may actually be distinguishing itself by not jumping on board, opting instead to shoot in high definition and IMAX.

Secondly, while Nolan certainly kept his cards close to his chest, he was at the same time, rather candid about what he didn't want for the film. (Which for our purposes, is just as useful.) Consider it official (Pee-Wee's secret word of the day, btw), as The Riddler has been eliminated as a candidate for the film's villain. He will join villains like Mr. Freeze (Austrian killer of the dinosaurs), Man-Bat, and Poison Ivy on Nolan's supernatural Bat-villains blacklist. According to Nolan:

“We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,”

Nolan may be looking to make a different kind of film than The Dark Knight, which focused almost solely on the antagonistic parallel between Batman and Joker, with Harvey Dent's descent being the most distinguished externality. However, with Riddler off the grid, and rumors abound that Nolan is currently auditioning actresses to play a presumably important lead, the unconventional dynamic of a romantic interest/villain seems more likely where we're heading.

Personally, while I was anticipating/hoping for Riddler, I'm not all that disappointed that we won't be getting him. In many ways, it would inevitably lead us to the same single-villain dynamic as The Joker and frankly, it would be ill-advised to even attempt to match that legendary performance by the late Heath Ledger. So, Selina Kyle/Catwoman looking to be the front-runner is perhaps for the best. I know some fans (including our user commenters) are saying it should be Talia al Ghul, and from the perspective of the storyline, that would indeed be awesome. However, seeing as this is looking to be the last film in what we may one day refer to as Nolan's Batman "trilogy," the likelihood of going with anything less than an iconic villain is extremely low. Additionally, going back to the Ra's al Gul storyline from Batman Begins is not something I can imagine Nolan would want.

How about you guys? Are you digging the title? Bummed or glad to toss the 3D specs? Who's your pick for villain?

Source: The LA Times' Hero Complex

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Christopher Nolan Unveils Batman 3 Title; Updates On Villains, 3D


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