Road of the Dead: The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now


Posted October 26, 2010 - By Rob Manuel

Road of the Dead: The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now

There’s something unnerving about a barren highway stretching out before you.  Even as you slam on the accelerator, nothing seems to change. You only feel good about putting distance between you and whatever is behind you. From out of nowhere, burning wreckage appears scattered down the road. You plow through a chain link fence into the remnants of humanity – people running for their lives, with the army firing bullets everywhere, and, of course, there are the zombies.

In Road of the Dead, all you need to do to survive is to keep your foot on the gas and your hands on the wheel. But nothing is ever simple when you’re running for your life.

Road of the Dead gives the classic zombie genre a twist by putting you in a position few other games with the living dead place you: in the driver’s seat. This flash title does a great job of keeping the player engaged by randomizing the encounters on the road. One moment may take you into the middle of a battlefield full of zombies while the next introduces an eerie calm stretch full of burned out cars littering the street.

Sooner or later, we all come to the end of the road. As you hit pedestrians, take a couple of bullets, and go head first into a crowd of the walking dead, your sweet ride takes on a little bit of damage. Too many bumps and the game comes to a fiery end.  

But even the small trips add up with the points you earn on this trip used to trick out your ride on the next. Stronger armor, a faster top speed, and even a horn to warn the mouth breathers that you’re hurtling down the road, all go into the next race of destruction 

Make it though the city and you have three other modes that await you, like earning extra time by killing zombies or driving through a barrage of military aggression. With any good flash game, you can get in and get out in only a few minutes and feel like you’ve made some real progress against the coming undead apocalypse. With its unique view of the zombie infestation, Click here to take the game for a spin and see why Road of the Dead is one ride you cannot afford to pass up.

What Will Make You Pee Your Pants: A lonely road suddenly overcome by zombies.


Road of the Dead: The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now


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