Batman 3 Looking For New Female Lead: Who Should It Be?


Posted October 26, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Batman 3 Looking For New Female Lead: Who Should It Be?

With the upcoming follow-up to The Dark Knight officially kicked into gear, it should come as no surprise that director Christopher Nolan is meeting with potential cast members for the still-untitled third Batman project. With recent reports of Tom Hardy (Inception, Black Hawk Down, Star Trek: Nemesis) being on board for a still-unspecified role (rumors range from Detective Harvey Bullock to Killer Croc,) the most notable vacancy in the cast is for a leading lady. Well, according to the latest report from MovieHole, Nolan is currently meeting with producers for a round of cattle-call auditions for the film's female lead.  As you recall, Bats' love interest Rachel was blown-up in the last film. (Yet still somehow managed to posthumously dump him. Ouch!) So, Batman 3 will no doubt need its share of estrogen, both in the field of battle in Gotham, and possibly in Bruce Wayne's bedroom. What Nolan hopes to produce from this series of auditions, is still a mystery. However, it could be a critical decision in shaping one of the most highly-anticipated films in a long time.

According to MovieHole's report, which came by way of "an insider," Nolan is meeting with "several young ladies" in ages ranging from their late 20's to early 30's for a role which has not been specified at all -- even to them. So, you can imagine the chaos that's happening as legions of beautiful starlets are lined-up, waiting to read lines that have no discernible meaning to them. As of now, the identities of the auditioners remain confidential until the decision is ultimately made.

"I’ve the names of a couple of the young ladies meeting with Nolan, but I’ve checked in with them and they’ve kindly asked me not to name them – at least until they’re convinced they haven’t got the job (fair enough, don’t want to jinx it for anyone). What I can say is that Nolan is open to casting a fresh face as the female lead; he’s not necessarily bringing in the big guns."

Who this character will be is still anyone's guess. At this point, with his primary love interest killed, and the lingering possibility that this may be the last film in the series (just wait until the box-office receipts), the route that makes the most sense, would be to bring Catwoman on board. It's the right thing to do, if anything, just to redeem the character from the Halle Berry fiasco. From an economical standpoint, you also get the most bang for your buck (and since Frank Miller reinvented her as a call girl -- pun very much intended.) Batman gets his new romance and at least one of his villains in a single shot.

However, you never know. Perhaps, the odd nature of these meetings and the willingness to cast an unknown could imply that this is only for a cameo or lesser role. Just as we saw Batman tangling yet again with the Scarecrow in the begininng of The Dark Knight, perhaps, we might see some kind of reprisal or reference to the Joker in the beginning of this new film with Harley Quinn acting in his stead. Poison Ivy is also possibility, albeit a long-shot, since her presence would delve the gritty, realistic series into the sci-fi realm. And before someone says "Batgirl," keep in mind that Barbara Gordon is depicted as still being a child in the Nolan films.

So, with the ladies in mind, who do you think we need to see in Batman 3?

Source: MovieHole

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Batman 3 Looking For New Female Lead: Who Should It Be?


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