Microsoft Reaffirms Commitment To Core Gamers


Posted October 26, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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If you looked at the Kinect launch lineup, and then caught the Kinect segments on the Home Shopping Network, we'd forgive you for wondering about Microsoft relationship to "core" gamers -- Kinect might be a lot of fun, but, so far, it's aimed squarely at moms, kids and other gaming outsiders. But according to Microsoft Game Studios' corporate VP Phil Spencer, the company is not abandoning the hardcore.

"The core has been core to our success from the beginning," Spencer said in an interview with Gamasutra. "We get that.  It wasn’t by accident. And when I think about how we can continue to evolve our platform, adoption by the core of our new technologies is really important to us," he added.

Here's more:

"We know that that core audience is usually made up of the early adopters, and they're people that will give us vocal feedback on what’s working and not working, be that something we do on Live or something like Kinect or a new console or a new controller.This is a very engaged customer who has a voice. So just as entertainment, the core franchises are really important to us and the success that we’ve had. Continuing to push innovation in those franchises is important. And that’s true for Kinect as well as non-Kinect games."

Those are all the right words, but, when the rubber meets the road in November, and Kinect is on store shelves with few "core" games, I wonder if gamers are going to feel a bit left behind. Personally, I'm picking up a Kinect because I like all kinds of games, casual, core, social, whatever... but if I was only into shooters, or deep, story-driven titles, I'd take a wait-and-see approach... unless my wife wanted one.

Source: Gamasutra

Microsoft Reaffirms Commitment To Core Gamers


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