Controversy at the World of Warcraft Arena Grand Finals


Posted October 26, 2010 - By Leah Jackson

Controversy at the World of Warcraft Arena Grand Finals

The amount of controversy surrounding the 2010 World of Warcraft arena grand finals is insane. It's been three days since the event and WoW arena junkies are still trying to determine exactly what happened. They're still fighting with one another over who the "true" winner really is. While team aAa took the title over team CompLexity.Red, many hardcore arena fans are absolutely outraged by how the final match went down.

For those not familiar with how WoW arena tournaments run, let me break it down. Teams play with three characters each and have to win at a regional tournament in order to advance to the grand finals. In order to win an arena match you have to kill the members of the other team, or outlast them until the twenty minute mark. If the match reaches that point then the winner is decided on what team did the most damage. The final set of play comes down to the team that can win the best three out of five games.

During the final set of play, the score was 2-1 with advantage to CompLexity. They needed one more win to take the championship. In the fourth game, the time was nearing the twenty minute mark but the admins told the players to keep going. With about thirty seconds left, CompLexity went all out and finally killed aAa's warlock, "Jamesbond". Once Complexity killed James, they quickly took out aAa's shaman, "Hrk", and ran up on stage to celebrate their win. The tournament screen showed CompLexity.Red as winners, they were interviewed, received their big check for $75,000, and that's when the controversy started.

Controversy at the World of Warcraft Arena Grand Finals

aAa's third player, the Druid "Enigmaz," told Blizzard that he stopped playing once the twenty minutes was up, even though the admins said to keep playing, which resulted in James' death. Blizzard took the allegation seriously and went back to check at what point James really did die. It took them forever to determine the time, but as it turned out, James died at 20:03. So, Blizzard awarded the match to aAa because they had the most damage at the twenty minute mark.

The score was now 2-2 and it all came down to the final match. But CompLexity just had a check for 75 grand taken away from them and were then put back into competition. Not only that, but the map that was randomly chosen for the final match was in aAa's favor with their defensive style of gameplay. But while CompLexity did play an amazing last game, aAa was better and managed to deservedly come out with the win and take the championship.

Controversy at the World of Warcraft Arena Grand Finals

What is making arena enthusiasts so enraged however was how Blizzard themselves handled the rules, not that Enigmaz challenged them. If an admin told the players to keep going after the twenty minutes, which resulted in a kill, and then went back on this decision after they had awarded CompLexity with the title, well that's just bad form. For a company that is trying pretty hard to push their game in the competitive e-sports community, this is despicable. This should be enough incentive to never let something along these lines happen again. With so much money on the line they might even go as far to change the tournament rules, getting rid of the twenty minute damage rule since it penalizes teams with healers.

What do you think about what went down at BlizzCon arena tournament? Let us know!

Controversy at the World of Warcraft Arena Grand Finals


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