Exmortis: The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now


Posted October 25, 2010 - By Rob Manuel

The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now: Exmortis

All week long leading up to Halloween we'll be highlighting the scariest games on the internet that you can play right now. Every title will be free, ready to play, and quite possibly heart attack-inducing.

Like awkward sex scenes in a Friday the 13th movie, point-and-click adventures are the staple of horror games around the internet. Players focus on solving puzzles or poking around disturbing images while looking for a way out. Cheap scares such as the ugly screaming head have an easy means of popping out of nowhere with the distracted player clicking on everything in the scene. While many of these titles are of questionable quality, a few of them stand out from the pack with a couple of genuine scares. Exmortis is one such title.

You begin alone and disoriented on a hill with a seemingly abandoned house before you. Exmortis utilizes a mixture of photos and paint to create a world that’s both familiar and disturbing. As you explore the depths of this mansion, you encounter the story of the former inhabitants and clues to the mysterious creature lurking in the shadows. Lights swing from the ceiling. There’s a constant drip of blood in the bathtub. And yes, there’s more than a couple of screaming heads present throughout the game.

Exmortis is not without it’s cheap scares and cheesy sound effects, but the game makes up for it by only showing you glimpses of that thing around the corner or back in the dark hallway. Just when you think you see a figure in the distance, it’s gone. You move at a brisk pace through this tale until the rather clever twist at the end. This horror flash game is what it should be – a fun size bite of fright. 

Far from perfect and already showing its age, Exmortis represents what a couple of photos and great atmosphere can do to keep you on edge. Click here to play and see if you can manage to survive this trip of terror, you can start on the next two sequels already available for you to experience online.

What Will Make You Pee Your Pants: That thing in the back of the hallway. 
Exmortis: The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now


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