10 Of Our Favorite LittleBigPlanet User Created Levels


Posted October 15, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

 10 Of Our Favorite LittleBigPlanet User Created Levels

There are over 3 million user created levels in the LittleBigPlanet community, so there are bound to be a fair amount of below average, “What were you thinking?!” offerings, there are also tons of truly fantastic and brilliant levels as well. As we saw in our recent Epictober feature on LittleBigPlanet 2, the creation tools available in the new game are astoundingly capable, and when you consider what people were able to do with LBP (Media Molecule actually built LBP2 using LBP, so don’t get too cocky about your skills), we can only imagine what the madly skilled LBP community will do once they get their hands on the sequel.

To tide us over while we wait for the recently delayed LBP2, we figured we’d suggest to you 10 LBP levels that you should definitely check out. The first five are just all around cool, while the second five are just particularly well designed nods to popular game franchises. Enjoy! 

5 Amazingly Cool LittleBigPlanet User Created Levels »


1. Crazy Rollercoaster: There is no shortage of coaster levels out there in LBP land, and I’m sure everyone has their favorite, but this one from Myn3 is particularly well crafted. It all starts with the spring-based tram, which expands and contracts throughout the ride, acting as a slingshot of sorts, and propelling you around the track at incredible speeds. The variety of areas that you rocket through is fantastic and you’ll often find yourself exclaiming, “Whaaa?!” as you spin, dive, and thrust your way to the finish. Just remember: hold on tight.

2. Dinosaur City: Dinosaurs Strike Back by Geppa: The idea of dinosaurs running rampant through city streets and having to perform daring escapes from the giant beasts is inherently amazing. And until Spielberg or someone greenlights my six-hour dinosaur disaster flick, LittleBigPlanet user Geppa’s Dinosaur City: Dinosaurs Strike Back will have to do. It features plenty of thrills, spills, and tons of dino destruction. Needs more Goldblum, but it’s still pretty fantastic.

3. Digitized Reality by steve_big_guns: From the very start, this level grabs your attention with its scope, skill, and style. The premise itself is instantly intriguing too, and provides the perfect backdrop for not just one level, but a whole series. Sackboy is participating in a virtual reality experiment and quickly finds himself sucked into a twisted and terrifying journey that pushes his little Sackboy sanity to the limits. There are tons of great details and effects on display here, but the real kickers is the Twilight Zone-ish twist ending. So trippy.

4. Ship Wreck’d by PacJonno: Similar to dinosaurs rampaging through a metropolis, stories about shipwrecked pirates are just good fun. And Ship Wreck’d by PacJonno captures the spirit and style of this construction wonderfully, and the result is a Pirates of the Caribbean-ish adventure. From the wild rooftop jumping sequences to the treacherous desert island you find yourself stranded on after your dingy is swallowed by a tidal wave is beautifully designed. Nar, would Captain Killgas steer you wrong, maties?

5. Titanic Ship of Dreams by Ima-taka: As we’ve seen with the other entries in this list, premise plays a huge part in a level’s effectiveness, and this one is yet another perfectly example. Even before the level starts, the fact that it takes place on the Titanic tells you you’re in for a tragic ride, and even though it plays out exactly as you’d expect, it’s no less thrilling or intense. This can be attributed to the wonderful attention to detail and craftsmanship of the ship and its numerous explorable areas. There are plenty of nods to James Cameron’s film, but the real star is in the sinking sequence, which has you clambering to reach the top desk as the entire level gradually tips upwards and water rushes in behind you. It’s quite epic and heart pounding, and best of all it doesn’t end with you freezing to death and sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic.

5 Fantastic LittleBigPlanet User Made Game-Inspired Levels »


Game-Inspired Levels:

1. Little Big BioShock by Nathan900: I’ll never know how glorious my BioShock-themed LBP level could have been (I designed a bunch of levels back when I reviewed the game, but something happened with the hard drive and they all were erased), but I do know that it probably wouldn’t have come close to being as incredible as this one. If you’ve played BioShock, or just the first 15 minutes or so, you’ll definitely want to check this level out. It’s basically a beat-by-beat recreation of the opening moments of the game. Andrew Ryan would be proud.

2. Little Dead Space 2 by Darkness Bear: This homage to Visceral Games’ gruesome, action-horror series really captures that “dark, moody corridors dripping with atmosphere and terrifying creatures that spring out at you when you least expect it” style the franchise is known for. There’s one sequence in particular where you’re in total darkness and all you hear is slithering and oozy slobbering all around you. It’s super creepy and perfectly reminiscent of Isaac Clarke’s nightmarish adventures.

3. Little Shadow of the Big Colossus 3 by Blu-bury: Behind rollercoasters, Shadow of the Colossus has to be one of the most popular level themes around, and for good cause. The ability to build a towering, climbable beast is pretty irresistible, and this level is a perfect example. This level features SotC’s Gaius, and it provides a perfectly puzzling platforming playground to explore.

4. Modnation Racers Kart Studio 2 by MadPercussion: It’s definitely meta to see United Front Games’ super fun LBP-on-wheels racing game ModNation Racers referenced inside of LBP, but the customization element of ModNation makes it an irresistible source of inspiration. What’s great about this level is that it captures the spirit of variety and personalization found in ModNation but is still wholly LBP. You can mix and match your carts chassis and wheels to your preference, and then race them against friends across a lengthy construction site-themed track. Now if someone could go all Synecdoche, New York next year and build LBP with a ModNation Racers level inside of LBP2. Mind blown!

5. Silent Hill Tribute by MonkeyButler: Another natural fit for a LBP game homage level is Konami’s long running Silent Hill franchise. Like Dead Space, Silent Hill is as all about atmosphere, and when the level opens with you in a car that’s broken down outside the infamous town, you know exactly where you are and that things are going to get bad right quick. And sure enough, they do. Series staples like an endless collection of doors you can’t open, a spooky elementary school with blood soaked walls, reality giving way to industrial-themed houses of horror, and, of course, Pyramidhead, are represented here, and to great effect.

And for even more LittleBigPlanet 2, check out our in-depth look at the new game with creators Media Molecule or the rest of our Epictober content below:

10 Of Our Favorite LittleBigPlanet User Created Levels


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