Homefront Multiplayer Preview


Posted October 6, 2010 - By MonfetteG4

We're all for straight-up action games set in a dystopian world that's fallen into civil war and strife, even moreso when they're scripted by Hollywood legend John Milius. That said, we're also just fans of good, old-fashioned blasting fools, and in the service of our bloodlust, we recently sat down with the multiplayer portion of the upcoming actioner Homefront.

"Much like other large-scale combat shooters like Battlefield Bad Company, Homefront will allow you to customize your loadout, giving you more of a role to play in the upcoming firefights. It wont be anything restrictive like medic or engineer classes, but more like the customized loadouts of Modern Warfare. In addition to your two primary weapons, you'll have access to three more pieces of equipment that you'll need to buy on the fly with money (battlepoints, actually) that you earn for doing things in battle. Killing or assisting in killing a guy is great, but if you want to earn the big points, and unlock things like your rover drone or guided missile airstrikes, you'll have to go after big-ticket targets like tanks and helicopters."

Grab your rifle and join us for our Homefront Multiplayer Preview.

Homefront Multiplayer Preview


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