What Can Zack Snyder Bring As Director Of Superman?


Posted October 5, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

What Can Zack Snyder Bring As Director Of Superman?

It's a joyous day in Sparta. Having been selected for the coveted job of directing the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel, Zack Snyder will get to add the most iconic comic book character in history to his film resume. Creating a dream team of sorts, he will be joined by The Dark Knight and Inception director Christopher Nolan, who will oversee the film as a producer. However, as he finishes his work on next year's Suckerpunch (which wowed audiences at Comic-Con,) he'll have no time to rest on his laurels. With this picture fast-tracked for a number of reasons, one of which is to maintain an expiring copyright on the Superman IP, Snyder won't have much time to lay out a game plan. The film absolutely MUST be in production by 2011 and set to hit theaters by its projected December 2012 release date. So, what can Zack Snyder bring to this hardly new property in this short time?

Of the team-up with Nolan, Snyder tells The Hollywood Reporter:

"In the initial meetings, he's been super-amazingly smart and also amazingly kind, filmmaker-to-filmmaker," he said of Nolan. "I have great respect for him. The process has been amazing so far, and it looks like nothing but pluses."

After a long process of searching through potential captains for this ship which included names such as the legendary Robert Zemeckis, Darren Aronofsky, Matt Reeves, Tony Scott, Ben Affleck, and even (according to reports) Nolan's own brother Jonathan, Warner Bros. and Legendary pictures have opted to go with the experienced action visionary behind 300, Watchmen, and Dawn of the Dead. With the screenplay by David S. Goyer, scribe of too many comic properties to name, we seem to have what may be considered a crowd-pleasing trifecta behind the red and blue mega-hero's return. Snyder goes on to express his passion for the character in his pitch to Nolan when he said "I definitely expressed my love for the character and interest in seeing him treated right."

We've seen many different incarnations of Superman even in recent years with TV's soon-to-wrap Smallville and at the box-office in 2006's Superman Returns. Despite raking-in nearly $400 million worldwide, the film has found itself with the reputation of a dud, with audiences critically divided on Brandon Routh's (likely one-time only) outing as Supes. With Snyder on board, it can be taken that the focus on doing the Man of Steel justice this time around, is action, action, and more action.

In fact, in a tidbit that is being backed by multiple reliable sites, The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the film's villain will be none other than General Zod, best known as played by Terence Stamp in Superman II as a megalomaniacal disco jumpsuit wearing middle-aged guy with a kneeling fetish. Going with a villain that will be instantly recognizable to average moviegoers, we could be in for a Superman movie that's setting its sights on striking clear chords with the general audience. Likely a reboot, Supes is probably going to come in guns blazing (figuratively...or knowing Snyder, maybe not) with an outing that declares that this is the Superman you all know. Except this time, he's not sulking in emo regret, trying to cater to a single-mom Lois and playing nice with a visor-less Cyclops as "the other man." He's just out to beat the asses of bad guys...pure and simple.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the signature Zack Snyder conceptual vision will translate through The Man of Steel. Yet, the prospect of something that's familiar, yet different will undoubtedly serve as good news for folks experiencing reboot/remake ennui.

So, what does the news of a Snyder/Nolan tag team do for your enthusiasm for the upcoming Superman revival?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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What Can Zack Snyder Bring As Director Of Superman?


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