New Wonder Woman TV Show Announced: Can It Work?


Posted October 4, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Over the weekend, we learned that the one and only Wonder Woman would be spinning her way back to live-action television for the first time since Lynda Carter's version made her a cultural trademark. (Paradoxically, as a feminist icon and an objectified sex symbol.) With big-name producer David E. Kelly (The Practice, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) on board for the revival, it seems likely that the show will have a campy, irreverent undertone -- and will probably involve a law firm with kooky characters. Kidding aside, while certainly no one is in a position to review the show before it even...exists, the vehicle does raise questions about exactly where the Wonder Woman character is heading. With a recent attempt to reinvent her costume, with a retconned "edgier" comic origin, it seems that different forces are pulling Princess Diana of Themyscira in different directions. Will "Ally McAmazon" help or hurt the issue?

While Lynda Carter's TV rendition in the 70's significantly raised the profile of the character in popular culture beyond what she had been, it certainly didn't leave you taking the character seriously. With her comic origins rooted in Greek mythology along with the villains to match, there certainly is a serious side to be explored with the Wonder Woman mythos. Yet, the prospect of a David E. Kelly TV series evokes visions of a show focusing mostly on Wonder Woman's alter ego Diana Prince getting by in the world as "a single woman in a man's world" -- who occasionally dons a very patriotic bikini to beat the crap out of them. Depending on how action-oriented it will be, it could be an angle that makes it a strong contender in the femme fatale genre. However, it's also indicative of the identity crisis Wonder Woman is experiencing, pulling her between the irreverent and the serious.

On top of that, you may not want to count out the age-old rumor of a live action film adaptation either. Despite numerous failed attempts over the years, even by Joss Whedon about five years ago, those wheels still seem to be spinning. During Comic-Con last summer, a report had emerged of the imminent announcement of a Wonder Woman film set for 2013. While to the disappointment of fans, that report proved a dud, there still seems to be signs of life for that project. Of course, with Smallville and Superman Returns, it certainly would not be without precedence to have separate film and television versions of the same character flourishing at the same time. Yet, with Wonder Woman, the brand differences may prove far more drastic. While the film version may have the fate of the world on her shoulders, tangling with Ares the badass blue-armored son of Zeus (without Kratos' help,) we may at the same time, have her TV version embroiled in the epic conflict of deciding if she wants to date her boss.

What are your thoughts on the Wonder Woman TV project? 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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New Wonder Woman TV Show Announced: Can It Work?


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