Daily Reacharound: The More Things Change...


Posted September 30, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

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Daily Reacharound: The More Things Change...

Capcom has been taking heat from Devil May Cry fans since it revealed its franchise reboot DmC, and the primary source of that anger is the new design of series protagonist Dante. While the outrage is hardly surprising, it’s also, as reader holidaybob points out, a bit misguided as well:

I think everyone's kind of makin a mountain out of a mole hill here. So what they changed the way Dante looks, big effin deal. They're game designers and its their game so guess what, they get to make it the way they want. And nuts to all you crybabies saying Dante looks like an emo drug addict. I personally don't care what he looks like so long as they're able to retain his personality and ridiculously over-the-top fighting style, which it appears they have, based on that trailer. This whole argument reminds me of all the whiners that got butt-chapped when Sucker Punch changed the way Cole looks in inFamous 2. It kind of pissed me off when I heard that they caved to the pressure and changed his look back to something similar to the first game, regardless of whether or not they may have had a story element to explain the reason for the look change.(Remember Cole's a terrorist wanted by the entire country, sounds like a good idea to change your look to me) Here's hoping Capcom sticks to their guns and doesn't change a thing just because a bunch of people on the internet are complaining like little girls about the way their main character LOOKS! Wait till we actually have some details about the story before you start whining about a game that probably wont even come out till 2012 or later.

So what say you? Classic entitlement debate, or justifiable gamer rage?

Daily Reacharound: The More Things Change...


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