What are the Children of Eden?


Posted September 28, 2010 - By MonfetteG4

If there's any question we've been left with over the last several months since the Kinect's initial unveiling, it's definitely, "What in the hell is Child of Eden?" Thankfully, we recently had the chance to go hands-on with the enigmatic title and just barely came away with an answer to the question.

"In a nutshell, it's a game that represents synaesthesia: where one sense triggers reactions in another. At least, that's according to Mizuguchi. He wants this to be a fusion between sound and visuals, and to that end you play a 'purifier' of sorts. Your role is to fly through different 'archives,' and purify them. You do this by firing two different weapons, a rapid-fire but low power machine gun of sorts and a lock-on blast, at the contaminated locations. And, when things get hairy, you can trigger a bomb that takes out everything on-screen. Purify the entire archive and it will 'evolve' into something new."

Grab your glowsticks and check out our Child of Eden preview here at G4TV.com.

What are the Children of Eden?


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