Colorful Skateboarding with Shaun White

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Posted September 21, 2010 - By MonfetteG4

Hisotrically, skateboarding titles have presented a fairly straightforward translation of the sport when it comes to videogames. Thankfully, however, Shaun White has lent his expertise to a clever and inventive approach to the genre.

"Shaun White Skateboarding should almost be called Shaun White Coloring Book because this is all about bringing life and color to a dead world. It's a requirement of the game that will have you unlocking different challenges and routes, and everything revolves around this all-important game mechanic. You're skating through a brain-dead world, ruled over by the corporate Ministry, who wants to keep creativity and imagination completely under wraps. In fact, if you stop skating long enough or get caught by the Ministry, and you'll turn into a grey-shadowed, suit-wearing lackey, and have to start over."

Brush up on your moves with our Shaun White Skateboarding Hands-On preview...

Colorful Skateboarding with Shaun White


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