Fable 3 Limited Collector's Edition Unboxing Reveals Hidden Goodies


Posted September 16, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Wondering if throwing down $80 for the Fable III limited collector’s edition is a wise and advisable purchase? I’m not going to say you should or you shouldn’t, but perhaps this unboxing video that the fine folks over at Lionhead Studios just released can help you make a decision.

There are actually a few more items included in the limited collector’s edition, and because I think you’re alright, here are the details:

  • A new quest: Uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary sword, Wolfsbane, deadly against wolves and balverines.
  • Exclusive location: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures.
  • Fable III playing cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards depict every type of character in Fable III, including Heroes, royals, rebels and villains from across Albion and beyond.
  • Guild Seal Coin:  The coin features a Good side (blue) and Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decisions that will impact the fate of the world forever.
  • A new dog breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.
  • One unique outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from the mysterious, faraway land of Aurora, a new destination in your Fable III adventures.

Fable 3 Collector's Edition Unboxing Reveals Hidden Goodies

I really dig the packaging of this collector's edition. I haven't bought a special edition like this in a long time, but I think I might have just found the perfect reason to break that streak. Am I the only one?

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Fable 3 Limited Collector's Edition Unboxing Reveals Hidden Goodies


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