Halo: Reach Soundtrack Album Out Now


Posted September 14, 2010 - By Rick Damigella

Halo: Reach Soundtrack Album

The hardcore Halo-faithful among you are keenly aware that there has been a soundtrack release for every game in the Halo franchise, going all the way back to Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo: Reach does not disappoint in this area, as the downloadable version of its soundtrack album is available now, day and date with the game.

The awesome people at Sumthing Else Music Works sent over some pieces from the album for you to enjoy.  So if you are a student stuck in class or a cubicle drone doing your droney things instead of playing the game like a metric ton of other gamers right now, we dedicate these songs to you, to tide you over until you can wrap your fingers around your 360 controllers later today and hear them in-game.

If you like to imagine you have a sexy AI talking to you inside your helmet, then right about now she would be saying, “HEAD’S UP! POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!” The song titles of these tracks don’t give too much away, but we figured we’d still let you know.  Up first is “Ghosts and Glass”.  Right away, you will recognize some familiar motifs and moods from previous Halo music, woven into this moody piece.

Halo: Reach Soundtrack: "Ghosts and Glass" »

Next up is “The Battle Begins”.  Yes! There it is, just a quick tease, but it is the voice choir so familiar to the ears and so indicative of the series.  This is followed by the tribal/military drum sound that is just as closely associated with the Halo ‘verse. 

Halo: Reach Soundtrack: "The Battle Begins" »

The last piece we have for you is an epic, up-tempo number entitled “Unreconciled”.  Just hearing it will implant images in your head of battle rifles going off, Warthogs fishtailing across an alien landscape, and blue-hot plasma weapons discharging in your general direction.

Halo: Reach Soundtrack: "Unreconciled" »

Again, Microsoft and Sumthing Else are on it with this one, releasing the downloadable version of the Halo: Reach album right alongside the game.  For those of us who still love the physical medium of the compact disc (this writer included) we will have to wait for it to drop on September 28th.  The Feed will have a full review of the Halo: Reach soundtrack album soon.


Halo: Reach Soundtrack Album Out Now


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