Halo: Reach Launch Guide


Posted September 13, 2010 - By Dana Leahy

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Halo: Reach

Our Halo Reach Launch Guide will give you all the info you need to know (except the spoilers) about one of this year's hottest releases.

Halo: Reach
Xbox 360
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: M


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Halo Reach: The First 15 Minutes In-Game Video

What kind of game is it?

Halo: Reach is the sixth game in the Xbox's most popular and well known franchise to date. Chronologically, Reach is actually a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, the first Halo game, which came out on the original Xbox. Reach is a first-person shooter -- with third-person vehicle sequences -- where you play a futuristic space marine defending an entire planet. There's an in depth single-player campaign, a robust online multiplayer offering and the ability to make your own maps with Forge, the game's incredibly feature-rich level creator.

Who's the Developer?

Bungie. Synonymous with the Halo franchise, this is Bungie's last hurrah with the series, working on four previous Halo titles. (They did not develop Halo Wars, a real time strategy game based on the series.) The studio that created the franchise has said that Reach is the "definitive" Halo game. With the release of Reach, the Halo brand has moved to a new home at Microsoft's 343 Industries, who will, presumably, continue to release Halo games. It's unclear the direction the series will take now that it's out of Bungie's hands; however, Reach promises to be the Halo standard for the foreseeable future.

What's the story?

Anyone who has ever been exposed to any facet of the Halo universe knows how incredibly complex it is, but here's a distilled and simplistic summary of Reach's storyline. Reach is a prequel to the existing Halo games that tells the story of Noble Team as they attempt to defend planet Reach from a massive Covenant attack. Noble Team is comprised of genetically engineered superhuman soldiers called Spartans, called on to defend humanity. Meanwhile, the Covenant is a collective of alien life who will not rest until all humans are eradicated. To tell the story, Bungie opted to move away from the franchise's main attraction, Master Chief. Instead, you drive the new Spartan Noble Six as you and the rest of Noble Team fight to defend the planet from the Covenant onslaught. Because the beginning of the first Halo game starts with the recent destruction of Reach, you know that things aren't going to be lollypops and free money for Noble Team, but the movie Titanic is still worth watching even though the boat sinks, right?


The Halo series set the benchmark for online multiplayer on consoles and continues to do so with Reach. Reach's multiplayer is massive with 12 main game modes (with all the variations, it's actually closer to 18 modes), an evolving set of playlists curated by Bungie, 13 multiplayer maps, eight Firefight maps and an unlimited supply of user generated content from Forge. You'll never be wanting for multiplayer action with Reach.

What'd we say?

We give Halo: Reach a 5/5. Click here to read our Halo: Reach review.

See it in action:

Halo: Reach - The First 15 Minutes In-Game Video »

Halo: Reach Launch Guide


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