Details Revealed About Spider-Man Musical


Posted September 13, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Details Revealed About Spider-Man Musical

If you did not happen to catch ABC's Good Morning America on Friday, then you likely missed some big reveals for the upcoming Broadway debut of Spider-Man entitled Turn Off The Dark. We not only got a sneak peak at two of the many villains (pics below) who will be featured in the superhero musical, but we also got to see the Great White Way's new Peter Parker in Reeve Carney perform "Boy Falls From The Sky," one of the songs featured in the show. With an introduction by U2's Bono and The Edge, whose work on the show's score has been touted for the last few years, it seems that the minds behind Turn Off The Dark were in full pimp mode for its impending debut on December 21, 2010.

So, will this be the show that finally drags fanboys from their comic dungeons to get up to New York to and embrace the "fabulousness" that is Broadway? Well, that might be pushing it, and you'll soon see why.

Below, are the pics revealed on GMA depicting two of Turn Off The Dark's version of Spidey's villains. On the left, looking like a giant praying mantis hopped-up on ecstasy, is the iconic nemesis The Green Goblin. On the right, is a brand new villain called Swiss Miss, whose origin I'm just going to assume involves being pricked by a radioactive Swiss Army Knife. I think it's safe to say that these two pics are not going to go over well with the fan community, who tend to prefer things to be -- what's the word? -- "good." Personally, I never thought that I'd see a version of The Green Goblin that would make me miss the green gimp suit version from the first Spider-Man movie. Yet, here it is.

Details Revealed About Spider-Man Musical

If one were to predict the tone of the show by these two costumes, it would be easy to assume that this was a type of whimsical comedy. However, the emo-ish performance of "Boy Falls From The Sky," might make you think twice about that. Although, it may be more helpful to imagine Reeve Carney performing the number in fully Spidey costume on a rooftop stage facade with dancing hobos and alley cats in the background.

As director Julie Taymor told MTV, the show will put a bit of a spin on the stories of its various characters, creating something "a little different" than what we're used to. The most prominent example, is that Doctor Octopus is now revamped as a southern-accented Al Gore-type scientist who's obsessed with alerting the world about environmental disasters to the point that he tries to alter human DNA to protect humanity from global warming. At some point, obviously, it drives him mad and he becomes the villain we all know and love. Additionally, the film will be graced with a version of the super-villain group hell bent on destroying Spidey The Sinister Six. According to Taymor:

"When he (actor Patrick Page) turns into Goblin, it's a very different Goblin," she said. "Then we have this thing in Act Two, where Spider-Man's powers keep rising and rising and you meet what we call 'The Sinister Six/Seven.' We have Kraven, Carnage, Lizard, a new one we've created, Swiss Miss."

Apparently, then, this show is going to be filled to the brim with villains. If we are to imagine that all of them are similar in style to the ones we've already seen, then I shudder to think how this is going to turn out. It may be a case that this show's style may dictate its value more so than any expectations that comic fans may have. In that respect, it may be what it needs to be, given what it is. However, if the idea behind this was to broaden the appeal of musicals, then the approach, at least from what we see, seems misguided. Oh, and Carnage, but no Venom? Blasphemy!

How is Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark looking to you? Is it a big enough excuse to fork out the cash for some really expensive tickets? (And if you're not in the Tri-State Area, some huge travel expenses?)

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Details Revealed About Spider-Man Musical


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